5 tips for thanksgiving tablescapes

  Hello friends. Looking for some inspiration for your Thanksgiving table? I am. There are some key elememts to setting a great table. 1. Natural elements. There needs to be something green or natural on the table, whether it is plant, flower or some organic object from nature. 2. Candlelight. Nothing adds more ambiance than …

dark + dusky

Hello freinds. With fall in full swing I tend to enjoy dark and dusky interiors, and since my house is mostly white I am enjoying via pinterest! I don't know about every one else, but I like a variety of styles. More specifically I like elements of styles. So today I am crushing on these... …

natural elements~antlers

Whether they are ‘sheds” big game animals drop every year or “fake” ones on the market today, you can still find this design element today!

French Grey


I will be the first to admit that I didn’t exactly, how do you say, “like” them for a very long time.

But, I am a person (though I don’t really like to admit this) who is influenced by media.

More specifically, design publications.


Now, I have always loved objects of nature. Bird nests, pine cones, driftwood, lichen covered rocks and twigs, and more recently sea shells and coral.

But antlers?

These have always represented big game hunting to me. And I am surrounded by big game hunting territory! People travel from all over the world for the opportunity to hunt elk, mule deer, moose, etc. in what seems like my backyard. I even know guys who go antler hunting in the spring to find sheds that the animals loose every year.



So naturally, the local decor is influenced by the region……

Lodge style.

Very lodge…

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Hello! While I continue to sort out the whole "hacked" thing I have had to take a good look at the way I do things. Not being very tech savvy, I have been spending time redoing passwords, bank accounts, etc. to be sure there have not been any other compromises. I also took a good …

moroccan rugs

  You know when you buy a new car and suddenly you see the same car everywhere?  Well, that's what has happened to me, only it's a rug! I know I've noticed them before, but suddenly I am nuts about it. And I must have one. It will be perfect on our polished concrete floors …