fiddle dee dee

I spy a fiddle leaf fig tree.


If you haven’t noticed them yet, then you’re a little late to the party. But that’s okay, I live in Montana and everyone’s late to the design/trend party here.

Not everyone, but you get the gist.

This is the fiddle leaf fig tree, and not only does it make a style statement, adding a living, breathing house plant to any space is a good idea!cfe56b4ead01a43d827f479c32ab5176

They look fantastic when flanked in an entryway or used in a space when you’re looking for a sense of symmetry

7cbb93b6bc5b5d1229ad32c93b8bae9f 1f26c153a130537a4377714c942b3c49f023844a4c0637afae8cba77aed082a3cca77e20eb65c0be8c47262b8e0009cd The most popular is a single tree placed in a corner, it adds height and some drama…

5b88d56722c9d0bac8f4c1d944c1e42a Usually found in a more modern boho setting the fiddle leaf fig actually fits into any style and looks fantastic!

dd25bdb8cb6135be499a6fe8e158ea21 70d2c71b22818fa22336a4fb0c746e13 e7103f5e0b982f4644cf3a0414f5ab4e 06a61251f876549cf2bc69617ef13a20 dda6704d56ac39dcd35f3f46c1807abb 9aed1f977e49ba0003a0c1c4d20353e7 517728d7fbe7858bfecdfaf38dbe611b c6395d53bc7e54f3e25489b6af5c34b5 54d0d91d69100a615bfacace46bcc2db f18f26ec56ded9af64698604418c787e Not just for large spaces, a fiddle leaf placed with large scale furnishings can actually make a small space seem larger.

d586bc849dda997521f5c2741d2a3791 Love how they have mixed styles creating interest…


The pop of green really adds some personality in this otherwise neutral space.


Looks great just about anywhere…

ada854e19402e4ecb2f0485bca6b874a 6b9c8c5c9a0fde5cf9a00791e2fb3a2dExcept maybe here, not too crazy about it in this bathroom. Looks awkward don’t you think?

But I love the rug in here!

46a54d413f5279904bec6e6e61660da2 Any pot will do, but a basket is the go to choice for this pretty thing.

01a93ea091aa6481acddd3b3a66464c5 78ee5f0615eb6c0f302013fa48ae07d8 8a8a2a9c0426f37bc7e58dfc09093357 95ea9edc95db442aac443ac1b81ec5b8My favorite look is when they are placed in the corner of a room, so I have jumped on the band wagon and I brought this fiddle leaf home and placed it in the corner of my living room. Even though I do love a good basket, I put him?her? in a dolly tub.

IMG_20150317_092356See how it is the perfect thing for this corner and completes the space.

Well, it’s not really complete…

Still need trim

finished stair railing

etc. etc. etc.

IMG_20150319_091345Happy Spring!




3 Replies to “fiddle dee dee”

  1. I have been dying to try one of these!! Please post about his/her health!! I hear they are easy to care for but I do not have a good history with houseplants. Love the look! I can grow things outside but I have never done well with inside plants. I am anxious to hear your thoughts!!

    1. Hi Cindy
      My fiddle leaf had a few issues when I purchased it, so it was deeply discounted. I think he’ll ( I geuss he’s a him) be fine. He’s in a great corner with plenty of light and needs to be watered once a week. I will keep you posted!!

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