unique sinks and storage

Hello Friends!

We have been working away on the construction of our new home, and how some people can manage to blog and build, is beyond me!

We are also in a geographical oddity when it comes to internet and tv, so needless to say I have been “unplugged” for the most of the summer. Thank goodness for good friends and secure Wi Fi!

New construction is a funny thing, unless you have deep pockets, you kinda get stuck doing the standard thing. Maybe a tweak here and there, but basically new everything.

I am, however, holding out for a unique sink to put in the guest bath.

french grey sink

I have been on the hunt for something great!

rustic built in

Ok, different than the standard vanity..

meg ryan bath

simple vessel

iron scroll

rustic sink

concrete and vessel


furniture sink

stone sink

long vessel sink

shell shape

It is also a great opportunity to add a vintage storage piece…




rustic shelf



9 Replies to “unique sinks and storage”

  1. Please share the before and after pic. Also in the trade and believe one can always learn from on another. Good luck with your journey and budget he he he. Greetings

  2. In the midst of our own huge remodel/addition, so I feel your pain. I can say with great conviction that if you live in the country, the open storage concept is lovely but impractical because of dust, dirt, bugs and general mayhem that country living brings. Any one of the sinks you posted would be lovely, but rough textures, again, might be a problem for cleaning. They look great, but if you’re not ready to do extra cleaning, think twice. I’ve always liked the juxtaposition of formal chandelier-style lighting with rustic elements. Good luck! Please share your choices!

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