moroccan rugs


You know when you buy a new car and suddenly you see the same car everywhere?

 Well, that’s what has happened to me, only it’s a rug!

I know I’ve noticed them before, but suddenly I am nuts about it.

And I must have one. It will be perfect on our polished concrete floors in the family room.


I really like how they are used in a variety of designs styles….

they are classic, yet fresh, with a nod to modern

I really love this living space and how it anchors the leather and linen with the rustic coffee table

gorge rug

And of course I stated seeing them everywhere!!

rug + rustic table

rug+pouf+coffee table

floating shelve

scandi + rug


As I cruised around online I found several, and as I went to order they were out of stock!! You know that just makes me want it more…


flourish design


moroccan rug

We are still waiting to get some more heavy machinery in to finish the grade around the house, after our record snowfall and subsequent flooding, we have some drainage issues.

Needless to say, it has this gardener very frustrated!!

I want to dig…

I want to plant…

So for now, I will buy a rug 🙂




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