black + white


Well, it’s been a while and a lot has happened!

First of all a grandson was born back in May and I have been traveling to visit both grand kiddos ever since they were born!! It is a 750 mile round trip and worth every mile. If you are in that spot between empty nest and grand kids let me just say it is a game changer!!

Ok, now to black and white.

My daughter moved to a new home and I have been helping her with the design. She has chosen a black and white palette and we have been having a lot of fun with it. This got me inspired to add some black accents to my white and wood “thing” I’ve got going on, oh, and this image from designer Briggs Edward Soloman!



It hits all the notes for me, white, wood, vintage, modern yet comfortabe furnishings and touches of black.

I have always been drawn to all white interiors, but add a touch of black and it adds a layer of sophistication to any space and any style!e43e8b61f4ff4f56b37702f9876d9cb7





Black is showing up in the bathroom too, mixed with some wood for warmth.


Black and white art work…


That gallery wall!! Perfection!


A vintage modern mix brings patina to clean and fresh interiors.





This is a great example of mixing rustic logs with a more modern feel. Notice that even the logs are black, and a  black and white rug ties it all together.


I really love the moody feel of this black space!


So if your looking to freshen your space think of adding some black,

it goes with every color

but I especially love it with white!!




3 Replies to “black + white”

  1. I was told from an early age by a designer that owned a shop with my mom, that every room needs a touch of black and I use it in my own homes and love it! I’ve even used black candles for a little drama! 🙂

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