i’ve been hacked

Hello dearest friends,

It’s true. My facebook page has been hacked. or stolen I should say.

Please unlike from that page for I fear that if you go to any of the links “they” have posted it will, no doubt, be a virus. Now I would love to go on a huge rant over the lack of support on facebook, let’s just suffice to say when someone hacks your account they change your email address so you cannot log in to report it hacked. A giant tailspin with no results.

Words truely cannot express the sense of loss I am experiencing over a silly page, but I had built that page over 3 years and it grew with me as my style and tastes elvolved as a true designer.

I am in the process of creating a new account and page, and would appreciate your support. I never solicited “likes” and don’t wish to now, but it took along time to reach 142,000 likes.

And please remember it is french(dash)grey.com …..

Somehow I think that silly little dash is going to help me!!

Blessings to you all and thank you,

With much sincerety,


Β Please share on facebook.

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13 Responses to i’ve been hacked

  1. artandsoulco says:

    Where is the right page to like. Confusing

    Sent from my iPad


    • french grey says:

      I’m sorry it is so confusing. I am working on a new page, it is not up as of yet. Please share this post on Facebook so others will know it is no longer me posting strange stuff! Thank you! Cindy

  2. french grey says:

    You can now like my new facebook page until I can get my old one back!! JUst click on the facebook icon on my side bar. πŸ™‚

  3. Sooooo sorry to hear about your ” robbery”! I wish you well as you will undoubtedly rise above.I love following you and will continue to as I am sure all your other loyals. Take care and don’t stop creating! Blessings. Kim Mickelson “IMAGINE” (Butte)

  4. How about this for a positive Cindy. I didn’t even know you had a page until you were hacked and Barb put out a plea of help on your behalf. Great sight my friend.

  5. vicki says:

    Oh know…So sorry. Some people are ridiculous. It’s such a sad thing…xo

    • french grey says:

      Thank you Vicki, I appreciate your support. I know we started the same time and you understand how much of an outlet of expression a page can be. Deepest thanks, Cindyxo

  6. Tamara Colter says:

    Sorry…I’m still here! Love everything….

  7. Anne Nonna Muss says:

    Beyond sorry that this happened to you. Two months ago, while visiting a wonderful blog, a message popped up stating that I must install Adobe Reader to proceed further. Though this did not make sense, I began the installation process and after two clicks I became suspicious, very afraid. Tried to back out, however, it was too late. Was forwarded to a bogus Microsoft Technician page, casino ads, loud rap music ads…total nightmare which rendered computer useless. As of this date, my computer is in limbo. Microsoft company will not release to Staples (where I took computer for repair) recovery system key that will make the computer operational. Microsoft, I am disheartened that you are playing such hardball to make me buy a new computer.
    Should also tell you that the hackers responsible for this virus are well organized. Received phone calls from the same bogus Microsoft source informing me that they could repair my computer remotely! Did not fall for that one. Isn’t it time our government start prosecuting these hackers?
    Again, apologies that three years of your creativity has been stolen from you. Have always loved your blog and your design ideas.

  8. Haley Sweet says:

    Hi there – your page is wonderful. There’s a pic of a living room with a giant clock in the background. Where did the couch come from? Do you know? Is it yours? I appreciate any information. thanks. Haley

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