the white garden


With all the craziness going on around me, I find myself jumping to the end of the enormous amount of work that lies ahead of me, to planning and planting a garden!  And one of those gardens will certainly be white!

white garden and greenhouse

In fact, I have begun naming the areas of yard….the white garden, the potager and the lawn.

The vegetable garden (his) and the orchard.

I know, it’s a sickness.

Anything to ignore the painfully ugly truth that I am surrounded by dirt!

cottage style

Fortunately I do have a green “island” of grass that is right out my (camper) door steps!

And shade.






spring white

But, as of today, I have the framing of a house!


And I was very well behaved at the nursery! I could have brought home several of these lovelies….


But alas, I know better!

I would then want to plant them, which would make me want to buy more…

and I would be dragging every clearance white flower or shrub home!

Of course I would grow tired of watering black pots 2 and 3 times a day until I could plant …..

Then, lo and behold,

the heavy machinery will come back and dig a trench right through my work!!

Who said patience is a virtue….

I am running out of virtue!

So for now,

I will water my little green island and feed the birds!

Hope you are enjoying your summer,




8 Replies to “the white garden”

  1. It takes such a lot of effort choosing and maintaining your garden flowers and plants . It’s a pleasure during the summer months, but when all the lovely colours start disappearing it’s hard to maintain your enthusiasm during the long dark winter months. However, planting season will soon be upon us, and seeing your pictures is giving me some inspiration as to what plants and flowers to have this year. I think I’ll get rid of the perennials and just go all out for flowers with as much colour as possible during the summer months. Yours is absolutely lovely, and patience is a virtue,especially ion your case.

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