heart and home

Hello!! Change always seem to bring a mixture of emotions. The bigger the change, the deeper the emotion. As I mentioned in my last post, we are in the middle of selling our home. Selling a  house is easy, selling your home is a whole different kettle of fish!! Moving is bittersweet.  When you actually …


the potting shed

Hello!! A lot has changed since my last post. Now several things have been running through my mind during the long winter months. Do I open a brick and mortar? Do I include container gardening services? Start an online store? It is amazing how one phone call can change everything! A realtor friend of mine …

a place to plant

 Hello! With spring finally here, my attentions turn to one of my true loves... gardening. Whether you are a gardener or not, there is something appealing about a space to call your own for potting, collecting garden related things. or just puttering. With so many options to fit every possible need or space, there really …

be my valentine

Hello! In honor of Valentine's Day I thought I would share some lovely images gathered on pinterest. Who wouldn't love to spend the holiday here.... This is a heart pocket I made a few years ago and shared with you here, Vintage French grave marker... The key.... jet'aime I have worked in a floral shop …

Hello friends,
It’s hard to believe it has been one year already!
I thought it would be fun to repost my first post. I am so grateful for everyone and everything that has happened in this last year! Some goals have not yet been met, and some things have exceeded my expectations! I am thankful for all the people I have met, and the true connections to the online community that I would have never experienced in my little corner of the world.
Thank you for being a true inspiration and encouragement to me!

French Grey

Hello blogging world! Better late than never. This is an attempt at my first post. I have been  inspired by many amazing blogs as of late, and I hope to create something of equal beauty and inspiration.

Coming up with a name was somewhat of an inspiration in and of itself. I stumbled across a nice term for the tarnish that gets into the details of silver…..french grey.

It describes perfectly the things I love:

French farmhouse

Whites and greys

European grain sacks


Vintage finds…..and a simple life

Here are some great photos from Atelier De Champagne that have me excited to add a little more french grey to my home.

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true confessions

It's true. I have a confession to make. I have a woodstove. It has been a love/hate relationship from day one. It is quite possibly is the best heat source you could have if you live in a region with winter. However, it is a decorating/design nightmare!! So imagine to my surprise finding images on pinterest of …

white and wood

Hello friends, Yes, it's me. I have been MIA in the blogging department, and I could offer you some long list of lame excuses..... but I won't. I have however been working my booth at the Montana Antique Mall, going on some wild buying trip adventures, purchased my first can of Annie Sloan Chalk paint …