subway tile + kitchen hardware

Hello friends!

Long time no see (or hear).

Like most bloggers, I have been spending most of my time on Instagram but felt it was long overdue to post on this little blog of mine again.

I’ve been missing other peoples blogs that I follow and although I’m in need of a serious overhaul I wasn’t going to let it stop me!

Well, it actually had stopped me, but no more!!

So let me update you on my latest design obsession, or more of a design freeze. Sometimes when you have a long time to make a decision it gets harder as you are bombarded with so many wonderful choices.

Enter subway tile and hardware.

If you remember, I posted about subway tile and open shelves awhile ago here, and this trend is not going away anytime soon, probably because it is rooted in history and is timeless.

Classic subway tile has been paired with stainless, brass and black/brown, and also looks fantastic with both marble and wood counter tops.







There has been a dramatic increase in marble tile and it looks equally beautiful giving a more European feel…



or a Modern Farmhouse feel like Heather Bullard”s below…







As you can see it’s not an easy choice!!

But we all just like looking at the house eye candy even if I never get any tile or hardware!! Although I’m getting pret-ty tired of opening my drawers from the side!

Thanks for sticking with my un-overhauled, hit and miss four year old technology!

Blessings to you and enjoy the first day of summer! (Yikes is it summer already? I still need to do my spring cleaning…Ha!)


images via pinterest

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black + white


Well, it’s been a while and a lot has happened!

First of all a grandson was born back in May and I have been traveling to visit both grand kiddos ever since they were born!! It is a 750 mile round trip and worth every mile. If you are in that spot between empty nest and grand kids let me just say it is a game changer!!

Ok, now to black and white.

My daughter moved to a new home and I have been helping her with the design. She has chosen a black and white palette and we have been having a lot of fun with it. This got me inspired to add some black accents to my white and wood “thing” I’ve got going on, oh, and this image from designer Briggs Edward Soloman!



It hits all the notes for me, white, wood, vintage, modern yet comfortabe furnishings and touches of black.

I have always been drawn to all white interiors, but add a touch of black and it adds a layer of sophistication to any space and any style!e43e8b61f4ff4f56b37702f9876d9cb7





Black is showing up in the bathroom too, mixed with some wood for warmth.


Black and white art work…


That gallery wall!! Perfection!


A vintage modern mix brings patina to clean and fresh interiors.





This is a great example of mixing rustic logs with a more modern feel. Notice that even the logs are black, and a ย black and white rug ties it all together.


I really love the moody feel of this black space!


So if your looking to freshen your space think of adding some black,

it goes with every color

but I especially love it with white!!



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fiddle dee dee

I spy a fiddle leaf fig tree.


If you haven’t noticed them yet, then you’re a little late to the party. But that’s okay, I live in Montana and everyone’s late to the design/trend party here.

Not everyone, but you get the gist.

This is the fiddle leaf fig tree, and not only does it make a style statement, adding a living, breathing house plant to any space is a good idea!cfe56b4ead01a43d827f479c32ab5176

They look fantastic when flanked in an entryway or used in a space when you’re looking for a sense of symmetry

7cbb93b6bc5b5d1229ad32c93b8bae9f 1f26c153a130537a4377714c942b3c49f023844a4c0637afae8cba77aed082a3cca77e20eb65c0be8c47262b8e0009cd The most popular is a single tree placed in a corner, it adds height and some drama…

5b88d56722c9d0bac8f4c1d944c1e42a Usually found in a more modern boho setting the fiddle leaf fig actually fits into any style and looks fantastic!

dd25bdb8cb6135be499a6fe8e158ea21 70d2c71b22818fa22336a4fb0c746e13 e7103f5e0b982f4644cf3a0414f5ab4e 06a61251f876549cf2bc69617ef13a20 dda6704d56ac39dcd35f3f46c1807abb 9aed1f977e49ba0003a0c1c4d20353e7 517728d7fbe7858bfecdfaf38dbe611b c6395d53bc7e54f3e25489b6af5c34b5 54d0d91d69100a615bfacace46bcc2db f18f26ec56ded9af64698604418c787e Not just for large spaces, a fiddle leaf placed with large scale furnishings can actually make a small space seem larger.

d586bc849dda997521f5c2741d2a3791 Love how they have mixed styles creating interest…


The pop of green really adds some personality in this otherwise neutral space.


Looks great just about anywhere…

ada854e19402e4ecb2f0485bca6b874a 6b9c8c5c9a0fde5cf9a00791e2fb3a2dExcept maybe here, not too crazy about it in this bathroom. Looks awkward don’t you think?

But I love the rug in here!

46a54d413f5279904bec6e6e61660da2 Any pot will do, but a basket is the go to choice for this pretty thing.

01a93ea091aa6481acddd3b3a66464c5 78ee5f0615eb6c0f302013fa48ae07d8 8a8a2a9c0426f37bc7e58dfc09093357 95ea9edc95db442aac443ac1b81ec5b8My favorite look is when they are placed in the corner of a room, so I have jumped on the band wagon and I brought this fiddle leaf home and placed it in the corner of my living room. Even though I do love a good basket, I put him?her? in a dolly tub.

IMG_20150317_092356See how it is the perfect thing for this corner and completes the space.

Well, it’s not really complete…

Still need trim

finished stair railing

etc. etc. etc.

IMG_20150319_091345Happy Spring!



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winter whites + snow baby

Hello friends!

We are deep into winter.

Snow. Ice. Cold temps.

I have learned to embrace winter, well in January anyways, March and April, not so much.

We started out the new year making a harrowing 350 mile drive on snow packed icy roads to meet our precious new granddaughter! Words truly cannot express the deep joy and thankfullness at the arrival of this new life, not to mention the blessing of witnessing my daughter embrace motherhood with such grace and beauty.

This new role for me is far richer than I ever could imagine…

I am smitten!!


Since my return home I have been sulking around feeling like 350 miles away is wayyyy to far!

To distract myself from this fact, and since the snow outside makes me think of, well white,

I thought I would share some pictures from around the house of my winter whites.

If you follow me on instagram these will seem very familar ๐Ÿ™‚


winter white | antlers


winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey


winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

My orchid finally bloomed again! I can’t believe I haven’t killed it yet.

I have been switching to succulents lately…

winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

Well, we are packing up to head back over…

Can’t seem to get enough of our new little one!




p.s. you can find on instagram by the user name french_grey!!

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linen slipcovered sofa



Belgian linen.

Once you get those two words in your head it’s hard to think of anything else.

With my heart set on a Belgian linen silpcovered sofa nothing else would do.

Now, normally I am an implusive shopper.

And tactile.

I want to touch it, feel it and hold it up to my cheek.

You get the picture.

Nowhere in my little town offered such a Belgian beauty unless I ordered it. While doing some research I came across this article from remodelistaย .

Of course I wanted the sofa from Restoration Hardware, however I had budget contraints ( the building budget had robbed my furniture budget,ย and there is nothing worse than spending large$ on things you can’t see!!) So…

Saving and shopping for a sofa online.

Not my cup of tea, but remember it’s a Belgian linen slipcovered sofa.

I settled on the Ikea Karlstad sofa for it’s clean lines, size and let’s face it $399 price tag!

Next, I ordered swatches from Bemz, a company that makes slipcovers specifically for Ikea furniture.

They offered 5 swatches for free including shipping and arrived in a timely manner.


Now, remember I am an implusive shopper and it took for-evah for me to pull the trigger on purchasing the pair.

Both companies stated a 4 week timeline for delivery.

Uggghhh! 4weeks! I

So, just barely in time for Thanksgiving I clicked “submit order”!

The Ikea sofa came two weeks early (yay) and was quite simple to put together.


The slipcover arrived shortly after the 4 weeks but they kept me informed with email updates.

Thank you.


The slipcover I ordered was prewashed Belgian linen and it is a DREAM!!

Exactly like the swatch only better! I touched it and cuddled it to a tactiles delight!

There is no substitution for real linen. It has a look and feel like no other.

And it fit PERFECTLY!



It was hard to tell from the website exactly what it looked like on a real sofa.

They showed the Urban loosefit as a drawing, but I am thrilled to say it is beautiful on.

This is how it looked right out of the box and they reccomend that you spray it with lukewarm water to remove the wrinkles. The sides are the only place that needed it. I also love how it skims the floor, just right.




I decided to drape my French linen sheet over the back, at least until I get a console table.


I also threw another French linen sheet over the cushions to add an easier to wash option,

however this slipcover fit so well that I think it’s going to be easier than the last 2 surefit covers I’ve had.

These pillows will have to do until I find or make the perfect ones (I’m thinking vintage indigo??).



Linen slipcover dreams have been realized,

and I am glad I could be patient enough to get one at such a low price point!

Hope all of your Holidays were exciting, relaxing and reflective on the real meaning of Christmas!

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!



p.s. you can find me on instagram user name french_grey

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mixed greens + house dressing

Hello friends!

With Christmas almost here I thought I would share some Inspiration…

just in case you haven’t decorated yet…

mixed greens+house dressing

I know, it’s crazy!


And I love to decorate!



But it’s not too late!

This weekend I have high expectations to get some Christmas on!



Really anything green can be a part of Christmas.

ย 9e5e01f9d9205191120db07263eee904
















I did, however, add a glass glitter swag and a wreath from Costco to my booth at the #montanaantiquemall


And had a wonderful time making a wreath at a local floral studio ๐Ÿ™‚


Remember on “It’s a Wonderful Life” how they are decorating on Christmas Eve?

There is still hope for me yet!

Merry Christmas



p.s. You can find me on instagram…


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cable knit + faux fur

Hello friends!

December is here and with it is winter…

and so are all things warm, cozy and furry!

Cable knit is not new, ย but I love it when someone takes something thats been around for a long time and makes it new.

Gone are the images of old granny sitting in her rocker knitting the winter away!

Not that there is anything wrong with that, I happen to have a stack of knitted and crocheted blankets from my granny,


these are fresh, young and goregous!

Modern Wool has done a fantastic job making knited wares very hip and well, modern.

Cable knit doesn’t just come in sweaters anymore,

Throws, pillows, poufs and ottomans are wearing it.

free people





Often paired with faux fur this is a must have combination!

caable knit + faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

Faux furs are often draped on chairs adding an extra layer of coziness…

cable knit + faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

cable knit+ faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

The texture is amazing!

cable knit + faux fur

With Christmas season in full swing, be sure to add something knitted or furry on your gift giving list!

Most importantly, with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas…

take time to curl up with a hot cup of coffee, a warm and cozy blanket

and reflect on what Christmas is really about!



p.s. to catch up on things between posts you can always follow me on instagram

my user name is french_grey!

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