While I continue to sort out the whole “hacked” thing I have had to take a good look at the way I do things. Not being very tech savvy, I have been spending time redoing passwords, bank accounts, etc. to be sure there have not been any other compromises.

I also took a good look at my office.

Or is it a guest room?

Or both.

Combining the two can be tricky business, but it can be done. Since I have another guest bedroom this space has needs to function as an office first.

To start it needs a great work table, really any great table will do. You can go out and buy a desk unit with every element figured out for you, but what fun is that?!

black table

industrial table

reclaimed wood/industrial

white table

industrial loft

work table

With plenty of storage…

Lately I have been into cubbies, little drawers and an industrial vibe…





Shelves are an obvious source for storage when styled and fitted with interesting boxes, baskets and objects of interest.



Well, this is a great place to start and I hope you are as inspired as I am to get busy! I will post my little office as I go…. so stay tuned 🙂

By the way, I have finally jumped on the instagram bandwagon and you can find me with the user name french_grey !




3 Replies to “workspaces”

  1. Having loved every one of your photos, I’m inspired to redo my studio/guest room. So much to consider. Seeing some objects that would be great in the redo photos that I actually have in my house, if I pull them from the other rooms, it might result in redoing the whole house. Oh I’m overwhelmed!! So interested in your progress! I’m sure it will be lovely!

    1. Thank you Liz!! I have a lot of the objects already too 🙂 The hard part will be showing the finished space without showing the “unfinished” space!! Still working on finishing the house…slow and steady!

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