subway tile + kitchen hardware

Hello friends!

Long time no see (or hear).

Like most bloggers, I have been spending most of my time on Instagram but felt it was long overdue to post on this little blog of mine again.

I’ve been missing other peoples blogs that I follow and although I’m in need of a serious overhaul I wasn’t going to let it stop me!

Well, it actually had stopped me, but no more!!

So let me update you on my latest design obsession, or more of a design freeze. Sometimes when you have a long time to make a decision it gets harder as you are bombarded with so many wonderful choices.

Enter subway tile and hardware.

If you remember, I posted about subway tile and open shelves awhile ago here, and this trend is not going away anytime soon, probably because it is rooted in history and is timeless.

Classic subway tile has been paired with stainless, brass and black/brown, and also looks fantastic with both marble and wood counter tops.







There has been a dramatic increase in marble tile and it looks equally beautiful giving a more European feel…



or a Modern Farmhouse feel like Heather Bullard”s below…







As you can see it’s not an easy choice!!

But we all just like looking at the house eye candy even if I never get any tile or hardware!! Although I’m getting pret-ty tired of opening my drawers from the side!

Thanks for sticking with my un-overhauled, hit and miss four year old technology!

Blessings to you and enjoy the first day of summer! (Yikes is it summer already? I still need to do my spring cleaning…Ha!)


images via pinterest


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