natural elements + rustic wood

Hello friends!

It’s been awhile so I thought we should catch up!

Grab a cup of joe, and lets get started….

cup a joe

Progress on the house has been at a snails pace due weather and exhaustion. Building your own home is the ultimate DIY project, and once we lost “our” ( and by our I mean his) momentum after the holidays, it’s been hard to get back at it! Of course it’s hard to wrangle tools and such is sub-zero temps and a record snowfall. It is also quite convenient that there is always a very good reason why the tools need to stay at the other job sight….. hmmmm

Anyways, while I’ve been away I made an impromptu road trip to Texas with a dear friend. Actually we missed our flight in the middle of airline chaos, and decided

“hey let’s just throw our bags in the car and drive!”

“oh wait, it’s kinda starting to snow”

and we just had the “are you going to pack a coat?” conversation resulting in “No”.

So a quick swing through the TJ Maxx clearance section yielded a coat, blanket and ear warmers. So we were ready drive out into the desolate landscape!!

Long story short, the trip went fast but well, and I brought home two granite counter tops with sinks for the bathrooms! Cheap! One is installed (pictures from phone…ugh) and I will do a more detailed post at a later date.

photo (1)

 The other is sitting in place waiting for faucets, tile, mirrors and lighting.

I have been spending time on pinterest and crushing on natural, rustic wood elements…


rustic bench

rustic wood mirror

kit table

rustic island

Especially love designer Wendy Owen’s home


wendy owen table

wo pav

I have been adding to my French bread board collection…

Especially after seeing these at Patina Farm!

pt bread board

I found one of these …

bread rustic

Even though the house isn’t complete, I have been slowly unpacking….




Digging out some beautiful French urns I found at Farm Chicks last summer!

Like these…


And bringing some greenery in to fight the winter blues…

urn + succulents

zinc + boxwood

And a little color..


paris flower shop

So these are just a few things I’ve been up to lately.

Since most areas just need trim, I have always felt that you should  have something beautiful for your eyes to rest on.

Therefore, I am ignoring the “unfinished” parts and focusing on what is done.


It would be nice to have at least one room completely done…

pretty please?

Blessings to you all, and thanks for hangin’ in there with me!



6 Replies to “natural elements + rustic wood”

  1. Love the way you are looking at the situation, just to focus on the finished things, and think what beauty you will have soon.

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face, going through some of the same.

  2. It will come soon….it sounds like you are almost done….love the pix you posted…
    If I could do it all over again…..I would go that way….love the look….

  3. Cindy, love your attitude of gratitude – so much to be grateful for ! Two more kindred spirits send our best to you and yours from Bull Lake (Troy,Mt.) My friend and I would love to come visit your show room this summer. Here’s to keepin’ the faith ! Loving the French bread boards.

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