are we there yet?


Time between accepting an offer on your house, and actually moving, seems to take for-evah!!

In fact, it’s kinda like childbirth.You wait and wait…

and wait.

Sure, your planning and super excited about the outcome, but when it is not your first, you know exactly

 what lies before you!! Now, I am not comparing a house to a child, but the process is somewhat similar…

( I will be sharing random pinterest inspiration for our new home)

front entry


There is planning and preparation…

front exterior feel

basement entry

Some houses are easier to plan than others. This particular house has some complexities. Mostly because of the lot. It had a former house on it that burned down,  the land is sloped which lends itself to a daylight basement, it has an existing well and septic, and  trees including  part of an old orchard.


exterior potager

The old foundation needs to be removed  (thank goodness for heavy machinery!!), the septic replaced, did I mention half trees…. because the other half were severely burned. That being said, it is well worth the head scratching to make it all work.

The view is amazing, there is a creek across the street, and the possibilities are endless!

dreamy white patio2


And I will admit,  planning the house is exciting!! Friends have asked me if this is my dream house…well, not exactly, more like a compromise house. My hubby and I have worked out a little system, he decides the overall footprint  and I try to incorporate as many design elements as I can! Overall, we’re a pretty good team.

gorge white cupboard

double shower



Lots of labor.

Now I would love to be one of those women who can point and say “this is what I want….or put it over there” but in reality, I am more of a professional “hold the other”! As in hubby saying “hold this while I nail it, or here’s the nail gun, shoot that end for me” kinda gal.

Not by choice.

But I am willing to do the work in order to reach the goal before me!! Like I said..




So, while planning, pricing and compromising..

Are we there yet??

I am ready to get to work!




5 Replies to “are we there yet?”

  1. Good luck with your home plans. You have a beautiful vision… remember decorating a new home is a process. Give it time and it will grow into your dream house!

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