Hi, I’m Cindy.

I’m a small-town Montana designer with big dreams. Growing from a desire to create a causal yet timeless home, my mission is to help simplify the design process while making it a fun experience so your home can reflect you and your lifestyle.

Being immersed in the building industry for over 30 years and a life long passion for design, I discovered you can do what you love after the kids leave the nest.

Fueled by coffee, inspired by nature, and time spent scouring antique stores and flea markets, toting around my camera are what keep me going (especially the coffee).

Follow along for design inspiration, tips, projects I’m working on and a little local color…



3 Replies to “About”

  1. For the second summer now I have purchased a few of the linen blouses from your booth at Antique Mall. I took one of your little labels for the bouquets so I could have your contact info to let you know how very grateful I am that you retain a booth there. I so admire your style. And covet that wire basket! And the apron and dish towel too!
    Thank you for being.
    I’m gonna look for you on ig. And do you Pinterest?

    1. Hi Lori!
      Thank you for your business, I really appreciate it and I’m so glad you found me.
      I am on instagram as @cindygardnerdesign and just started a new page @frencgreyhome featuring new finds in my shop at the mall. You can also find me on Pinterest by my name Cindy Gardner (I think) I’ve changed things a few times and even I forget! Haha
      Xo Cindy

      1. Thanks Cindy.
        I’ll check out your Pinterest site.
        I’m Lorioffgrid on instagram and Loriparr11 on Pinterest.
        And I take it you mean

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