the potting shed


A lot has changed since my last post.

Now several things have been running through my mind during the long winter months. Do I open a brick and mortar? Do I include container gardening services? Start an online store? It is amazing how one phone call can change everything!

A realtor friend of mine called and asked “Do you want to sell your house? I have a buyer.”  Whoa!! What? After a brief (and I mean brief) conversation with my hubby I found the word “yes” coming out of my mouth! I had mentioned possibly selling and rebuilding  here

After crunching the numbers, designing and  building 3 different houses in my mind, my first thought was …

What about my potting shed?

(This is the only really decent shot I have of my shed….why didn’t I take more pictures????)


Any one who gardens, entertains outdoors or just likes outbuildings either longs for, or already has, a potting shed!



I have been working on my shed for several years now, and have been using it for extra storage for French Grey.

white shed

I have added a picket fence…


Climbing roses that have finally reached the top of my arbor ( which is no small feat in Western Mt  zone 4)…


And getting ready to put in an herb garden, potager style…

small shed

And I still have big plans…. BIG plans!!


Hubby installed a french door out the back…

I had dreams of a pergola with pea gravel for entertaining…


Maybe a green house attached…


As you can tell, even if you do have a potting shed, there are always more uses and ideas for more!!

I feel like the little girl on the At&t ad… I just want more…  hee hee 🙂

two story



two sheds

So My plans have been dashed. However, I now have an opportunity?? to start new plans!

But, a potting shed will not be the first priority…

First will be the….KITCHEN!!

So… stay tuned 🙂




7 Replies to “the potting shed”

  1. I was looking for information about it and I’ve found your website by chance, very interesting information, I congratulate you, I recommend you to my friends.

  2. Hi, great blog/beautiful ideas! I was wondering what web site sells the plastic cover on the pergola? I have been searching for a cover like that but only find the retractable cloth types for sale.

    1. Hi Dina!
      I don’t have an online source for the covers, but have you checked with your local building supply? They should have/order them for you!
      Thanks for stopping by!

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