natural elements~ sticks and stones


Thought it would be fun to look at some sticks and stones (although it is pretty hard to not keep saying the rest of this childhood rhyme in my head)!!

Sticks can be so dramatic and so easy, and will add visual height to a room or vignette! Here they are placed in an urn with a chandelier and vintage tolix chairs.



Love these smaller ones placed in a glass vase on a rustic coffee table against the french grey fireplace.




Finding stones was a little more difficult to find as an accessory, but place them on the floor or wall and ….voila you have beautiful design element in your home!

I really love the rustic feeling of stone of the floor.


The stone floors are beautiful with the steel doors and windows.


This is my idea of a log home!

I happen to know that this home is not very far from where I live. Wonder if I could pull off the Ball Park Frank move and say “could I come in, I used to live here?”!!

Probably not.


There’s a feeling of fall in the air……

My favorite season.




7 Replies to “natural elements~ sticks and stones”

  1. How perfectly timely is your blog for me. I am redoing three rooms at least and want to incorporate some twigs, shells and stones into the decor. Thanks for the ideas! Kathi M.

  2. Clever, clever! Sticks and stones….I like this idea for a blog post, Cindy. I love anything from nature. I hope you had a great time with your family. And yes, today definitely feels like autumn, which I also love. Can’t wait to bring out my sweaters 🙂 Take care ~

  3. Hey Cindy! you sound as if you’ve been busy! me too! just catching up now with posts! This is great, the sticks are so structural and so eye catching and so easy to do!! Think will get me some sticks for my hall sideboard – thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Hi, I absolutely love these pics and want to try and create a similar look in my home. My husband and I are looking for a similar natural stone to the one in this post with the steel windows. Could you tell me what type of stone was used on the floor? We looked at a bunch of samples, but can’t seem to find one that is as flat, yet textured as the one in the pic. Thanks. Sandi

    1. Hi Sandra,

      The image is from pinterest so I am unable to give you the source, so sorry!

      The floors are gorgeous and I hope you are able to find something similar! Good luck!

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