heart and home


Change always seem to bring a mixture of emotions.

The bigger the change, the deeper the emotion.

As I mentioned in my last post, we are in the middle of selling our home.

Selling a  house is easy, selling your home is a whole different kettle of fish!!





Moving is bittersweet.

 When you actually build your own home, it is built with blood, sweat, and tears.

Tears of joy….

all of my children are now married, and my family has grown.

Tears of sorrow….

we have lost loved ones

and a beloved dog.


A lot of sweat!!

Creating a home and gardens out of what was once a bare field, is a lot of work!! I am so thankful that I have a husband who is able to (in his own words) take a pile of lumber and turn it into a house!

We have gone from ‘sticks with leaves’…..to actual trees!!

Grown an abundance of vegetables to eat, preserve and share.

it's complicated

potager kitchen garden


And flowers…


peonies and lilacs

bucket of peonies

pink peonies


lime and pink

So what makes a house a home, and then back to a house?


Body, soul and spirit summed up in one word.

So while I pack and reflect on the memories captured while residing here….

remember this….

it’s just a house!




8 Replies to “heart and home”

    1. Nancy,
      We are actually going to build again!! It has proven to be a positive experience for us…. this will be our third house we have built! I hope to post our progress along the way.


  1. Lifetime Achievement. The future grandkids would
    Love growing up there too!
    How about a Bed & Breakfast?

  2. Just left my huge English Manor House where I have lived for 20 years bringing up my four children, and am surprised at myself because I have forgotten life there, (mind you can’t find anything to buy and am trying to cope with a 3 bed bungalow which is interesting), I hope whatever you do goes well for you, I love the blog and am making mental notes of the pictures I see for when I buy a new house.

    Kind regards


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