white and wood

Hello friends,

Yes, it’s me.

I have been MIA in the blogging department, and I could offer you some long list of lame excuses….. but I won’t.

I have however been working my booth at the Montana Antique Mall, going on some wild buying trip adventures, purchased my first can of Annie Sloan Chalk paint ( the closest store is 200 miles away) and succumbing to my autumn nesting instincts! And….

I am embracing the fact that I have a lot of wood and some white in my home.

I love all white rooms, but my paint is linen white which is a little more yellow than I really want. On decision day I picked off-white windows instead of white and now I am stuck with them.

We have wonderful pine floors throughout the house (no carpet please) and lots of wood furniture. I am embracing the ‘old world’ feel and fighting down the urge to paint everything white or grey.

Well, mostly.

In a perfect world I would love my floors to look more like this…. with a washed finished.

I would like all my wood finishes to have that washed grey look, however mine are more like this cool wood industrial cart island..

Here are a few more images from pinterest that are helping me be content with what I have! Why fight what cannot be changed! Pinterest is for inspiration, not condemnation that our homes do not “measure up” to the perfectly decorated, perfectly styled and perfectly photographed!!

The warmth of wood can help things from looking kinda sterile, but still fits in with the tone on tone effect that I find so appealing!

I found one of these round French bread/cheese boards and I am afraid it may have triggered a collection, nay, an obsession with the French farmhouse look!!

Of course, white and wood would not be complete without linen.

Now I know very few people can actually go out and purchase everything they want to decorate their home all in one shot. Most of us have accumulated furniture and accessories over time, or make a few big purchases a year and pick up stuff here and there. And, if you love vintage style, what you can actually find will dictate what direction your overall “look” is headed.

Which brings me back to wood and white.

If you will excuse my “un-perfect” pictures ( I am having camera issues….but won’t bore you with the details!!) I will share some of my recent finds and changes.

The bread board and French style bottle rack.

And my cupboard did succumb to the paint brush this summer!!

Here’s the before….

I was actually taking a picture of some of my ironstone, but you can see the primitive cupboard in the background.

So…….as you can see, there is a wood and white theme going on, but like everybody else, I have a vision of what I would like to work towards. To me, the thrill of the hunt, the refining of style and taste is the fun part of the journey, and what makes feathering our “nest” so satisfying!!

Hope y’all enjoy your autumn and the changing of seasons as we head into the holidays and embrace your hearth and home!




16 Replies to “white and wood”

  1. I love the white and wood theme! It is what I’m working towards, with a bit of blue, since I’m obsessed with ticking. I really like the warmth of wood (especially the stripped pine in some of your pics) with the white. I have a lot of black pieces and I’m not sure to replace them or try to paint them. I love your new pieces and look forward to more pictures of your home.

    1. Thanks Jill,
      I have some black too but mostly in accessories. In fact I painted some of my urns black for my daughter’s wedding a few years ago! I guess our homes will always be a work in progress!



  2. The wood floors and accessories really warm up the rooms. I have a neutral home with lots of white. It’s so serene, clean looking, versatile, and will never go out of style. The glimpses into your home are lovely!

  3. Love the pictures, and yes, like you, we have acquired many pieces over the years, sometimes I feel like painting everything and then I see that sometimes it is okay to accept what we have as it is…even if sometimes I want to change everything….for the most part, we haven’t done too badly…
    Love the shot of the cupboard with the china….

  4. Oh my! I just absolutely love your kitchen island!

    Would you happen to have any other pictures of it (from a different angle). I definately think I need this in my kitchen!!

    We have been using chalk paint (cottage not a.sloane) for a while and it’s just amazing and fun to use! I love the white and the robins egg blue!

    Thank you!!

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