a new year….and a little laundry

Hello friends,

Happy New Year!! Hope this finds everyone healthy, happy and hopeful!

Like everyone else, this time of year I try to capture all of my plans, ideas and inspirations on paper before they vaporize!

What do “they” say…… fail to plan, plan to fail!

And, like almost everyone else, I have already failed! (Please say you have and don’t leave me hangin’)

I haven’t been to the gym yet, didn’t start my diet until the 7th, and my first post of the new year is today!

Now that the perfection bubble has been popped, let’s get down to business. This is the time of year I like to organize. Maybe I succumb to the media and merchandising, follow the seasons or strive to live a simpler lifestyle. But some things have been established since before our time, and they just seen to make sense. Case in point, Monday is laundry day, which leads me to this…….


Laundry…. do you love it or loathe it?


I love washing my vintage French linens, especially when you can hang them out to dry.



And the beauty of simple objects….






And nothing beats clean, crisp white linens neatly folded and stacked.

white linens

Laundry products can make the task much more pleasant. But when I comes to the mundane things in life, like socks and underwear,


I think I would prefer to be doing this!!

potting laundry

Of course you could always do this…… but when your the mother, the laundry basket always seems to manage to land in your laundry room!haha

Speaking of which, I best get to the task at hand……..laundry ( and maybe some reorganizing  is in order too!!)

So fail early and get it over with, forget perfectionism, and make your house the nicest place you  come home to!




3 Replies to “a new year….and a little laundry”

  1. Great images….. I love doing laundry, except for socks and underwear. I love folding and the organization of it all. The clothes line is in use all summer long, which just makes it all the more sublime…. except for stiff socks and underwear..

  2. Love the large gray sink in the fourth picture with the white cabinets. What is it made from and where might I find something like it?

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