a place to plant


With spring finally here, my attentions turn to one of my true loves… gardening.

Whether you are a gardener or not, there is something appealing about a space to call your own for potting, collecting garden related things. or just puttering.

With so many options to fit every possible need or space, there really is something for everyone.

A simple table tucked along a wall….



turn style vogue

A baker’s rack turned potting storage…

house and leisure magazine

klmdesign dk

Even a few shelves above a sink in the laundry room can become a place to pot or arrange flowers.



A unique sink adds personality…

And zinc,  in any shape or form, just seems to go hand in hand with gardening!

elle decor


Atelier de Champagne


Beautiful garden accessories..

potting table

metal orb

garden acessories

Tools of the trade….




Gorgeous stone sinks…

content in a cottage

content in a cottage


Hope you are inspired to carve a place to plant in your home!

Next, I will feature the all desirable….

potting shed!

Hope spring finds y’all well and ready to play in the dirt 🙂




8 Replies to “a place to plant”

  1. This was just what I needed to get my juices flowing today, what a pretty picture book of ideas you put together. My friend just gave me an old potting bench….I can’t wait to go play with it!!

    1. Susan,

      So glad you are inspired!! What a good friend you must have!! I am still waiting for hubby to build one for me and one for my shop/booth. Guess I need to plaster photos on every empty surface until he does 🙂


  2. Loved some of these images; any chance you have a link to source the one that looks like a baker’s rack someone turned into a potting bench? (It says “house and leisure magazine” but I can’t find the actual image source…

  3. Thank you for such beautiful inspirations and pictures in your blog. It gives great ideas for my home decor. It continues to help me see beauty and teaches me to love for the rustic, the simplicity and embrace the slight flaws in my home. I truly enjoy your blog.

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