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Hello everyone,

I have been busy on several projects, but nothing completed to the point of post worthiness.

However, while working, I was thinking about design and designers that have influenced me through the years.


Nancy Fishelson has been a huge inspiration for me.

Her color palette of whites and greys.

Linen slipcovered and upholstered furniture.

The style is clean and simple, light and bright, with lots of windows and natural light.

I love this kitchen! I don’t know what I was thinking when I designed my current kitchen. I had cherry cabinets on the brain, and nothing else.

I would like to paint my kitchen cabinets white, but there is no way my hubby would go for it. Paint Cherry. NO.WAY.

So, for the meanwhile, I will have to settle on planning my next kitchen….

which will be white!

The bank of windows instead of uppers is absolutely a feature I am going to incorporate next time.

We’re thinking about selling and building again which why this is at the forefront of my mind when I see these pictures.

I have some of these chairs only in a stained finish. Perhaps when my painting technique is a little more perfected I’ll attempt this finish.

I am quite sure this very magazine article is what turned me on to french linens. And a visit to Red Chair Antiques in New Hampshire!

Side bar…. Red Chair has moved to Hudson,NY

I especially love her use of antiques throughout the home. I think it is particularly important to add some vintage elements to a new build. My house is lacking in any real architectural elements (we built it about 7 years ago)  so I try to achieve the feel with furniture.

Adding a tub in the bedroom is an absolutely brilliant use of space!

Just love this glimpse into the room. It’s almost like driving at night and looking into people’s homes with the lights on.

I can’t help it.

Please tell me you do the same thing.

I cannot get enough of little drawers. This is the perfect size! If I ever find one of these, I am bringing that baby home…fast!

And ironstone. Beloved ironstone.

Well, I hope you can see what an influence Nancy has had on the design industry.

As I look around, I can see the influence she has had on me, and hopefully I have achieved the same light, bright, simple and pleasant surroundings that I like to call ‘home’!

Hope you have a great week!




10 Replies to “designer inspiration”

  1. She is one of my favorites, too! I love that you have all her pictures together. I wish Country Living would do a new feature on her. She is awesome!

    Jill Palumbo

  2. I love it, Cindy! You’re right… white really does feel clean and bright, and peaceful….ahh:) Thanks for posting! Heidi

  3. Hey Cindy, Great post! I love Nancy’s work, I have tear sheets of the first house here – I adore it and wish my house was more like it! But I haven’t seen some of the other photos before – they’re great. Nancy shows great restraint in her work with her – less is definitely more!


  4. Ha! Yep, I do the same thing! First time stopping by 😉 So much inspiration here! I can’t get enough grey and white – so calming and clean looking. Nancy is one of my favorites too.


  5. Actually found your site. I am enjoying looking at all the lovely photos. I had to laugh when I read that your hubby, like my hubby, says, “No way!” to painting wood. There are some things in our 100 year old Craftsman home that I would like to paint while still retaining the Arts and Crafts era look. But, NO WAY says he, so…….. Sigh…….ha!
    Eventho we have a Craftsman home I love a French Country look—-any ideas on how to incorporate one into the other???? I like continuity in design throughout a house, but there are so many diff styles I love.

  6. I have to get that book, I love all the photos you posted. It is exactly my style and what I hope to have my home look like.
    I found your blog from the comments on Sadie Olive, and am now following you. I love her site and just had her design my first blog for me.

  7. OMG, I’m so excited! I just yesterday found your blog and I really like everything I see, it’s very much my style (see: all my likes of pictures on your FB wall today 😉 But the reason I’m so thrilled is because YOU HAVE A PICTURE OF MY COUCH! There is a picture I saw on Pinterest ages ago and have been obsessed with ever since. It is the linen covered, camelback sofa 16th down from the top of this post! Can you tell me anything about it? Does it belong to this Nancy Fishelson from the note above? It looks like it was from a magazine article. PLEASE if you can tell me more or direct me to someone who can I would be very grateful. Will be following your blog from now on. BTW, congrats on selling your house and the prospects of a new one. Thanks!

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