I hate to admit it, but Valentine’s Day is just not a real big deal around here.

I did spend many years making valentine’s with the kids.

Glitter, craft paper, doilies, stickers……the usual.

We were homeschooling and on a budget, so they were pretty basic. Nothing like what you see on blogs and pinterest today. I was amazed by what I saw over at Meadowbrook Farm today!

They are fond memories though, of the time spent around the kitchen table. Any diversion from actual book work was gladly welcomed!

I did, however, make this a few years back, and thought I would share a few pictures.

It is all hand sewn … machines were used in the making of this heart pocket! I also crocheted the edge.

I really like the vintage buttons I used along the top edge, it just adds to the vintage-y feel.

This is a close up so you can see the texture accomplished by a special quilting technique I had learned at the time.

I have loved whites, creams, and greys for quite a while now, which makes it timeless.

Well, there it is.

I’m feeling a little lame in regards to the whole Valentine’s Day thing, so I think I’ll dig out my Barefoot Contessa cookbook, my heart shaped springform pan (which I have never used) and set a pretty table all in the name of romance.

Hope you have good weekend!




7 Replies to “valentine”

  1. My favorite color combination! These are so sweet. I love homemade – especially for valentines day. My kids are grown now – but I have the same memory you do. Hallmark holiday?

    Enjoy your evening


  2. Your heart is beautiful! the little buttons are so cute and you can crochet too!! I take my hat off to you! I wish I was good with my hands, but I’m not, so I really admire people who can make intricate things like this. Just lovely.


  3. You may not get into Valentines Day but you sure make a pretty heart. I love the episode of the Contessa’s……all things chocolate. Yum! that’s my kind of Valentine.
    Just signed up for post alerts!


  4. Wow! Hand sewn items are rare these days, and your quilting technique is very special. Did your Irish mum teach you this craft? My mom was 2nd generation Irish, and I know so well the notion of hand sewing, and sweet touches, such as buttons, trim and tiny stitches.

  5. I just want to say that your heart is absolutely wonderful and all the work that went into it is absolutely beautiful. I, myself, adore everything about Valentine’s Day. It is a special little day…sweet, charming, simple.

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