jeanne d’arc living…again

Hello everyone!

Just a quick post to pass along a giveaway…..again!

Carole from Maynard Greenhouse is giving away another issue of this wonderful magazine, Jeanne d’Arc Living.

Nordic-French in style, the photography and recipes are wonderful……

There are no ads, so it is really more like a book!

I just love the aesthetic of it, with whites and greys, and

‘rumor has it’

that it has gone to a monthly publication!

So, if you love free stuff like I do, head over to

Maynard Greenhouse

and have a happy Monday!


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4 Responses to jeanne d’arc living…again

  1. Thanks for the lovely comment! and for the nod bout the giveaway- looks like a great magazine!


  2. Carole says:

    Thank you Cindy for putting this on your beautful blog.

    Good luck,

    ps yes not just a rumor….magazine will be coming out monthly.

  3. michele says:

    Cindy, so happy to have found your blog today. It is just beautiful!


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