spring fever

I know, I know.

It is way too early! I mean way. too. early.

January is just about over, and there is still February.

And March.

Not that I am really ready to get outside and face all the work and projects waiting for me. In fact, I haven’t even gotten all the projects on my winter ‘to do’ list done. Truth be told, I haven’t even STARTED them!

My sewing machine is still sitting, all alone, in the corner where I placed it, after making room for my son’s stuff when he was home for Christmas. Oh, I have piles of fabric, grainsack pillows to sew, gorgeous pictures on my style/inspiration board (well, I DID make an inspiration board I guess that counts!) and picked up some vintage buttons, while visions of sugarplums danced through my head.

Did I say sugarplums?

What I meant to say was visions of pinterest danced through my head!! Could I possibly be suffering from inspiration overload?

Well, I have gotten a few must do’s done, but when I want to do the ‘fun stuff’ I just don’t know where to begin.

Do you ever have that problem?

I have several painting projects that I would like to complete, but, did I mention that it is still winter?

And I have gone ‘junkin’ and lugged home some really cool vintage stuff (thus, the painting issue).

And these fun things.

Seltzer bottle.

French mustard pot.

French  wooden planter tray thingie.

Now my question is this, experienced blogging world, do I post ‘before’ pictures when the ‘after’ pictures are not yet ready? Or wait until the ‘after’ is finished in all it’s glory?

I really do need your opinion.


I am going to plant the hyacinth bulbs I picked up at the nursery for 10 cents each! I didn’t even think you could buy anything for 10 cents anymore!

Ugh! I just looked at my word count, 330, and I haven’t even told you the whole nursery/hyacynth story…. another time.

Sorry for the long and wordy post, but since it’s been awhile I figured I could go a little long and not be judged for it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend,

and a great January, 353…..



I will have grainsack pillows for sale at the next show, and by mail, for those of you who inquired. 374…..


4 Replies to “spring fever”

  1. Love the photos and love your French wooden planter tray thingy? Can’t wait to see the results of your painting projects – I’ve got one on the go myself at the moment! Great fun! Personally I’m going to show the before and afters in the one post but what do i know?! you should probably get more experienced advice! By the way the First of February is the traditional first day of Spring here in Ireland – thats probably why you have a touch of Spring Fever – Its in your genes!!!


    1. Sharon, your right!! It must be the genes! I think your right about posting the before & afters together also. I am in the midst of some painting projects and took some ‘before’ pictures, some are almost finished but waiting for sequences ….that’s going to be a future post!


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