winter whites + snow baby

Hello friends!

We are deep into winter.

Snow. Ice. Cold temps.

I have learned to embrace winter, well in January anyways, March and April, not so much.

We started out the new year making a harrowing 350 mile drive on snow packed icy roads to meet our precious new granddaughter! Words truly cannot express the deep joy and thankfullness at the arrival of this new life, not to mention the blessing of witnessing my daughter embrace motherhood with such grace and beauty.

This new role for me is far richer than I ever could imagine…

I am smitten!!


Since my return home I have been sulking around feeling like 350 miles away is wayyyy to far!

To distract myself from this fact, and since the snow outside makes me think of, well white,

I thought I would share some pictures from around the house of my winter whites.

If you follow me on instagram these will seem very familar 🙂


winter white | antlers


winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey


winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

My orchid finally bloomed again! I can’t believe I haven’t killed it yet.

I have been switching to succulents lately…

winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

Well, we are packing up to head back over…

Can’t seem to get enough of our new little one!




p.s. you can find on instagram by the user name french_grey!!


15 Replies to “winter whites + snow baby”

  1. Beautiful baby girl many congratulations, you may be miles away but we are so lucky to have skype I imagine yours will be in melt down!!

  2. so love this post. your new granddaughter is gorgeous, nothing sweeter than the soft head of a newborn on your cheek!
    your winter whites are wonderful too

  3. Congratulations from normandy, grand children are such a joy! Just back from UK where I spent the Yule Tide with mine. Your pictures are gorgeous, as always. Looking forward to your next post, have a good time and many huggies. Happy new year

    1. Hi Brigitte!
      Thank you! I have family in the UK also! My Mother was from Ireland and her family is still in Scotland, England and Ireland 🙂 Would love to see Normandy! Happy New Year to you too.

  4. Beautiful as always! And congratulations! I too am a fist time Grandmother, and we are fortunate to be closer, but who knew how smitten we would be!

  5. I just love your blog…. I have been following for sometime now never leaving a comment. But the news of your new little bundle made my heat swoon. Being a Grandma is the best blessing ever. Congratulations!

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