dark + dusky

Hello freinds.

With fall in full swing I tend to enjoy dark and dusky interiors, and since my house is mostly white I am enjoying via pinterest!

I don’t know about every one else, but I like a variety of styles. More specifically I like elements of styles.

So today I am crushing on these…


Black painted walls..




against rustic brick walls black accents add a layer of interest



Some gorgeous black linen…


Love the way the white linen pops in this dark interior.




black urns and chandy’s balance beautifully with weathered wood walls


Now, since I live in Montana where it feels like we have 7 months of winter…

or least the lack of sunshine of winter…

I could probably never paint a wall or even a whole room black, but I love the way it adds that dusky feel.

Maybe California? Florida? Texas?

So I suppose for now I will crush from afar, and pin a whole board black!

Thank goodness for pinterest 🙂

Blessings to you during this month thankfulness,


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9 Responses to dark + dusky

  1. Barbara Beich says:

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Kathi Mapledoram says:

    I feel the same way you do. Love the darks—very dramatic. But I’d probably never paint a room black. Maybe start small and do a closet—with good lighting just to have one room dusky……. Loving it, thanks!

  3. Phyllis Higgerson, Henhurst Interiors says:

    Loving this look more and more.

  4. Lorraine says:

    Cindy Im like you ….I like it but its not my style…..but let someone else enjoy and you do what you love and Im sure when someone sees your place they envy that …….so there …….well said ! Lorraine

  5. Brigitte Tilleray-Gohel says:

    Love the washroom! It would not suit my Normandy farmhouse but I see this in an elegant period appatment in Paris or by the river in Lyon , thank you, very stylish, have a nice November

  6. Cyndy Sitar says:

    That is my color scheme…but I love looking at photos of all white….people are usually very suprised when they see my home for the first time:))

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