cable knit + faux fur

Hello friends!

December is here and with it is winter…

and so are all things warm, cozy and furry!

Cable knit is not new,  but I love it when someone takes something thats been around for a long time and makes it new.

Gone are the images of old granny sitting in her rocker knitting the winter away!

Not that there is anything wrong with that, I happen to have a stack of knitted and crocheted blankets from my granny,


these are fresh, young and goregous!

Modern Wool has done a fantastic job making knited wares very hip and well, modern.

Cable knit doesn’t just come in sweaters anymore,

Throws, pillows, poufs and ottomans are wearing it.

free people





Often paired with faux fur this is a must have combination!

caable knit + faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

Faux furs are often draped on chairs adding an extra layer of coziness…

cable knit + faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

cable knit+ faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

The texture is amazing!

cable knit + faux fur

With Christmas season in full swing, be sure to add something knitted or furry on your gift giving list!

Most importantly, with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas…

take time to curl up with a hot cup of coffee, a warm and cozy blanket

and reflect on what Christmas is really about!



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