natural elements~objects from the sea


I hope everyone is well! I thought I would continue on my natural element phase. We’ll call it a “series” since phase sounds a little flaky and obsessive!

Objects from nature are a wonderful way to accessorize a room adding texture, color and beauty.

I like a subtle color palette of greys and whites, and have a tendency to collect objects within that palatte, and recently it has been things related to the sea.


I saw one of these giant clam shells at the Farm Chicks show in June and have been pining after it ever since. Unfortunately the price was a little steep, and since I had already blown my budget, I didn’t pick it up. However, I have been hunting down coral and managed to pick a few up pieces. Good thing people travel to the mountains and drop their coral along the way!!


I love how it looks combined with the antlers in this display.


The beauty in creation abounds in texture, architectural form, size and shape. Once your eye is open to the possibilities that nature provides, it is limitless to what you can find, drag home and proudly display on your dining room table!




Coral looks stunning with this sea fan and amongst these gorgeous urns!


Here, natural elements have been added in with white ironstone….



I love the drawings on the wall that carry the theme from this tabletop display…



Well, it has been a fantastic week for me,

my son and his new bride were able to come and stay for a  week and the time has just gone way to fast!

So, as I wave them off to begin the new chapter of their lives,

I can focus on reworking my booth at the Antique Mall and maybe finally get some pictures! So much has sold in my first month that it has taken on a whole new look.

I can see that the challenge is going to be restocking and keeping the “look” or mood that I originally started out with!

Maybe I’ll start a mood board or style file and keep it with me  to stay focused! Can’t always have pinterest with me……

….or can I?

Hope you have a wonderful week!




10 Replies to “natural elements~objects from the sea”

  1. Cindy,

    I must get the that antique show next time it comes to town! So many fun things to comment on here. I love all the shells.. I grew up along the Southern CA coast and, even though I consider myself a Pacific North-westerner now, I will always have a soft spot for shells. Every summer I scatter them about. I like adding them to the tables outside .. with lanterns 🙂


  2. Love your spot at the Antique Mall. I bought some French grain sacks from you last fall at the Prairie Sisters event and had your business card and for some reason thought you were in Stevensville with your shop, so was suprised and happy to find you at the Antique Mall. Bought the little grey table, love it!!! Totally love your sensibility.

    1. Hey Carolyn,
      So glad you found me at the Antique Mall!! My friend Barbara has a shop in Stevensville and I had a few things there for a while. I’ve only been in Missoula for one month now, and I am really enjoying being there. I’m glad you love the table! I should be getting more grain sacks and French antiques soon!


  3. Fantastic! Will keep my eyes out for new pieces in your space. The grain sacks are wonderful. What other types of French antiques will you be getting in?

  4. Great post and series Cindy! All these elements are gorgeous and so YOU! Can’t wait to see photos of the booth and I’m thrilled to hear that you’re almost sold out!!! Knowing your great style I’m sure that you will have continued success – congratulations!!


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