dining room….. part 1

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great weekend……

or still having, depending on your holiday work situation!

Hubby, being in the building industry, has been home most of the winter, therefore I really hate to admit that the days seem to blur one into another!!

I’ve been working on a dining room redo, and thought I would give a little sneak peek…

I picked up this little dresser a couple of months ago, and the size is so versatile, that I couldn’t decide where I wanted to use it.

It has settled here for now, on a wall in my dining room….

For now I have my mercury glass candlesticks still out from Christmas…

Above is a shelf with some of my pewter carried over from my previous home. It was a cape cod style house, filled with mostly primitives and early american antiques. When we built our house I made the transition to white, but still have some things that I still love.

So I painted the shelf white and added a few ironstone pieces to segue to a white on white interior.

I have been using the dresser drawers to hold some items that I like to keep on hand for easy entertaining.

Entertaining is not really a word I like to use, because I really consider it more a form of hospitality. Somehow, entertaining conjures up images of trying to impress your guests to me, and I feel it should be more about making your guests feel comfortable, relaxed and focused on fellowship.

That being said, I do like to use a lot of candlelight, including a votive at each seat. These little tea lights are inexpensive,  usually last the evening, and add a warmth to the overall dining experience.

And if the truth be known, I am a self proclaimed “foodie” so I like having people over to eat!!

I have used the silver tray for a coffee service after dinner,  condiments for a BBQ, or anything else I can think of!!

So having it handy like this works for me!

Polishing is not really a word used around here, so I was so thrilled when I learned the term “french grey” which you can read about here .

So this is a little peak into a corner of the room for today, with more to come soon.

Have a great day!!




4 Replies to “dining room….. part 1”

  1. Great sneek peek! looking forward to seeing the rest of the room. I have candles everywhere as well, the light is so much softer than overhead lighting and much more atmospheric.


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