steel doors and windows

Hello Friends!

Even though the kids are grown it is still nice to do a little “mothering” every chance I get! The last few weeks have been all about vending at shows, but this past weekend I was able to help my daughter and son in law move into their new home. This is what I do best! Packing, moving, unpacking and overall general “nesting”!

While pondering trends in the design industry, I was thinking about steel doors and windows, which got me thinking……

Can there be beauty in steel?


Once used in strictly industrial applications I have noticed a lot of steel lately in a variety of homes, in a broad range of styles.

It blends well with warm rustic woods, adds a nice contrast to elegant white kitchens and interiors and there is something about the great expanse of glass bringing the beauty of the outdoors in.

via Veranda


  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes…..

via Pinterest

Velvet and Linen


These steel doors add a unique touch to a more traditional setting.



 They add an industrial element to a simple modern dining space.



Of course they’re beautiful in their original setting…. a conservatory!




Would you use this architectural element in your home? I would in a heartbeat! They are stunning with a chandelier, and humble french preserve jars.

Cote Sud




I love this built in seat bringing attention to the windows and allowing sweeping views and sunshine to flood in this dining  space.


One trend I am particularly fond of is the use of steel  in the bathroom as shower doors.


And goes beyond the typical french door in this master bedroom.


The use of steel doors and windows in the home can be beautiful. I think there is a plethora of beauty around us in simple everyday objects, we can find design inspiration from non-typical sources and take comfort that we all have our own unique spin on our surroundings.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this trend!




3 Replies to “steel doors and windows”

  1. Gorgeous design using steel! The white kitchen is gorgeous and always like Bunny W.

    Glad you were able to spend time with your daughter and son in law. I’m with you on the need to nest thing 🙂

    Enjoy the week ahead!


  2. These photos are all DIVINE Cindy!! I personally love steel windows and doors, I saw a LOT of this style in France just like in that last photo. Very cool!


  3. Hi Cindy ~
    Thanks for the update. And, for all the lovely inspirations. I love steel / metal windows and doors. I spec them for our home renovation, but the quotes were insane. Alas, no steel doors or windows for us. I love that kitchen with the Palladian steel windows and ceiling beams.

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