road trip

Hello Everyone!!

It’s been a while!

I was feeling a little guilty for taking off on a road trip when I should have been working here…

These were taken a few years ago and I am glad to report my neighbors have removed all the cars…..and the trees and shrubs have matured as planned…… to provide privacy.

Anyways, instead of staying home and working, I figured I would jump at the offer, and ride to Texas with my good friend. I’m always up for a good gallivant.




Yes, this has been  a constant word in my vocabulary. I may have passed on the gallivant gene to my children. Nature vs nurture, the debate goes on.

We stayed just outside Jackson Hole, WY and had my morning coffee here…

Now, as ya’ll know, that teeny tiny coffee maker in the hotel room is only enough to wake you up for the REAL coffee, right?

Ya’ll and ma’am.

I think I’m officially adopting these phrases. Ya’ll because it’s friendly and casual, and ma’am because it is just plain polite! We can learn a few things from our fellow Texans, and these two are on the top of my list.

I love this Italian restaurant and winery. It’s in a beautiful vineyard in the Hill Country of Texas.

The courtyard garden is gorgeous, especially the fountain!

Rose topiaries…

It has a real European feel, with great garden design combining both formal and casual elements.

More potted topiaries ….

And some lantern love…

Now, I had hoped to blog while traveling, but neigh, it did not work out that way! I will leave you hanging about the high point of my trip…..

The Country Living Fair in Austin, TX!!

Hope you have a great weekend!




4 Replies to “road trip”

  1. Cindy your garden is gorgeous – more, more please!!!! Looks like you had a great trip – lovely pics – great to get away isn’t it! Love those lanterns. Hope the fair went well!


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