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Things have been pretty crazy busy around here lately and I have been MIA in bloggerland! Facebook has been quicker and easier as of late, so I have been trying to keep up there.

Spring has finally sprung here, and I am drawn outdoors, not only to work on my spring clean up, but must confess some chores that never were completed last fall.

My bad.

While searching pinterest for inspiration and Β flowers I want to include this year, I found these great images of a flower shop in Paris. The color scheme absolutely took my breath away! You guessed it…

French Grey!!

I have always loved flower shops and would just walk through to take in all the sights, smells and daydream just a little. What is so appealing about a shop devoted to just flowers? It is truly one of the best places to visit.

With super markets, box stores, giant home centers, and warehouse stores I’m afraid we might lose our local florist.

So next time, stop in, look around, and bring home a beautiful bouquet made especially for you!

Have a great weekend!


e-magDECO: Β« Odorantes Β».

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13 Responses to french grey florist

  1. Hey Cindy, faboulous florists! I could easily live in this shop! It’s stunning! Perfect grey surrounded by beautiful flowers! Just heavenly! Good point about supporting local florists too! Hope you’re having a fab weekend!


  2. julie okeefe says:

    Thank you for this Beautiful Floral Post!
    I have been in the floral business for 20 years. I’ve watched it fade away, hoping someday it wil revive! We need to keep our senses alives with Beautiful Small Shops such as Florists and Boutiques!

    • french grey says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I will always go out of my way to support local shops and boutiques. They are more personal, inspirational and truly a labor of love.
      Keep up the good work!!


  3. Carole says:

    Oh yes those box stores and supermarkets have really put the little guy out. Thanks for the reminder and the photos.

  4. Kathi Mapledoram says:

    LOVE the pics! Hey, even the parrot was grey—–was it alive or stuffed??? I think it is an African Grey—or was……….I too love flower shops with the buckets outside along the sidewalk. I used to by bouquets of daffodils in the spring when they were affordable. I had a cutting garden once but the garden got redesigned and there’s no room for one anymore. I loved having little nosegays and big colorful bouquets in every single room all summer long! Yeah, there’s something about flowers………….

  5. Ginger says:

    Agree entirely and I love this post.

  6. Cindy,

    What an absolutely lovely floral shop! We are going to Paris in June and I hope to find lots of inspiration for my home. You can just smell the flowers in those images, and what beautiful decor! I am a huge grey fan πŸ™‚

    Your pup sounds so sweet. I wish our pets were with us a little longer 😦 It’s tough to see them slow down, become injured, or get sick. Check out this post if you have a second. You will find a wonderful story – written by a Veterinarian

    Enjoy your evening and keep up your wonderful posts!


  7. Mrs Sutton says:

    Absolutely stunning! I adore flower shops – sadly, since moving out of London and to the countryside, I don’t get to see the inside of as many gorgeous ones as I’d like. Thankfully images like yours are so beautiful I can still get my ‘fix’!.

  8. says:

    LOVELY PICS:) I really like your blog and will happily follow. If you want some swedish decor inspiration, you can check out my blog:)
    Have a great week.

    LOVE Maria at

    PS do you have twitter or facebook???

    • Honey says:

      This is such a beautiful, crvaitee and cleverly put together post Shel. The photographs are awesome, and l love the blue undertoned greys with the euccy leaves as well as the contrast of the rope with butterflies. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. miss b says:

    What beutiful photos and the different shades of pink in the bouquets are just gorgeous.

  10. Fabulous shop and fabulous photos. I love specialty garden shops too.

  11. Harry Pill says:

    you will always need the assistance of a florist if you want the best flower arrangement.^

    Our personal web site

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