s is for symmetry

Hello friends!

Summer just seems to be flying by and I feel like it has just finally gotten started! I enjoyed cool ocean breezes and came home to upper 90’s and forest fires….. ugh! Wouldn’t it be nice to live somewhere that has balance in the weather?!

Speaking of balance…. (how’d you like that lead in, hee hee)

Symmetry adds balance to design in all areas, especially the garden. While I enjoy a good cottage garden with it’s riot of movement and color, I think symmetry is needed in the “bones” of good garden design.

                             luxury landscapes

                                 traditional home

It can frame a focal point that otherwise would get lost, and helps draw the eye to what lies beyond.

We built our builder grade home in the middle of a pasture that had been subdivided into 1-1/2 acre parcels. Placed on an angle on the lot has caused me some design dilemmas. By adding fences and gates I’ve been able to create garden rooms, thus giving some sense of symmentry.

Now, if only I could find a hardy boxwood to create a garden like these!!


Symmerty can be created with well placed urns, trees, shrubs or chairs. Notice how the furniture is equally placed, and the pool is the focal point or the dividing line.

I certainly could remain “balanced” lounging around this pool!

                                  via pinterest

Okay, okay…..

My spell check is demanding that I correct my spelling of “symmetry” and after reading the dictionary I love the definition…..


Similarity of form or arrangement on either side of a dividing line or plane; correspondence of opposite parts in size, shape, and position…

…excellence or beauty of form or proportion as a result of such correspondence

…with the reference to the interrelation of parts to form an aesthetically pleasing whole

…proportion implies a gracefulness, harmony implies an agreement, and balance to produce an aesthetic equilibrium in the whole

The perfect example is an entrance….

                                    ralph lauren

                                              via pinterest




via pinterest

Symmetry in interior spaces is especially pleasing to the eye! You can start with a pair of windows, a fireplace or any other focal point and build around it.

FOUND.by domestic bliss


 Chairs, pillows, mirrors and lamps, when placed in pairs, will add that touch of balance, harmony and proportion to your home. Where have you added this design element to your home?

Lastly, I leave you with an image from Atelier de Champagne. They create some of the best vignettes using symmetry.

atelier de champagne

Have a great weekend!

I am going to pick up two topiaries at my local nursery sale, and any thing else I can find in pairs!




4 Replies to “s is for symmetry”

  1. Cindy –
    I love symmetry! Sometimes way too much. Anything I find in a pair (especially antiques) I have to buy for the shop…..not for myself, of course 🙂 Antiques are worth so much more as a pair. And, I try never to split a pair…..very difficult during slow months when a client only wants to buy one. Kills me to have to say no.

  2. Hey Cindy! I adore symmetry and always have to pair things off on consoles etc. It’s one of my ‘things’, I just like things to look balanced and pairs just do that! Amazing images here – great post!!

    p.s. hope you all had a fabulous time at the wedding!


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