grainsack pillows

Why oh why do I love you so?

 I have been collecting these for several years now. Waaayy  before anyone here in Montana even knew what they were.  Sometimes I thought I was ahead of the curve, but actually, it’s just that we’re so far behind!

Now, I was thinking……. why do I love these? Is it the texture and the time worn feel?  Yes, but is much more than that.

I am drawn to it’s humble beginning.

Now my mother, or mum, would not understand my affinity for such a utilitarian object. Being of humble beginnings herself, she loved the ornate and  fancy.

But, oddly enough, their qualities remind me of her. She grew up in Dublin, Ireland 1 of 9 children. Very Catholic and very poor (think Angela’s Ashes). And, like the european grainsack , she was very strong and got softer with time.

Growing up with a mother from Ireland has taught me some very rich lessons.

I’ll share one of them today.

Appreciate your bed.

Yes, that’s what I said, appreciate your bed. When my children complained about having to share a room, I would remind them that my mother had to share six in a bed!! 6!!

So while you think about what reminds you of your mother, or how big your bed is ………

I think I’m going to grab a grainsack pillow, snuggle on the couch with a cup of coffee, and remember all the good things about my mum.

Blessings to you all,



4 Replies to “grainsack pillows”

  1. I love this. I have always loved re-purposing items, especially things that have some meaning to me. I have hung ancestors’ antique cut-work and lace pillow cases as crisp valances over lace curtains. I have used their tatted lace, crocheted doilies, homemade Battenberg in various ways, and framed embroidered pieces done when they were little girls. I have displayed their colorful, delicate handkerchiefs, aprons, embroidered towels and used their vintage housewares. Somehow, even if I never knew them, I am strengthened by the thought of the long line of strong women from whom I am descended. And I am thankful. Thanks for sharing about your mother………

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