empty nest…..


Well Christmas is over, the kids have come and gone, and I’m left with an empty nest….again.

Now, one might think that this is a sad time (it is), but I like to look  forward to what’s ahead.  And just what am I to do with an empty nest?? RE-FEATHER IT!!

As the New Year rings in I plan to reorganize, redecorate and see what vintage  treasures I can drag home. I have also found some great inspiration on pinterest.

I have a cupboard to paint.

But what color?

French grey?

Or white?

Another project I am hoping to do is finish my laundry/mud room. This is just one of the inspirations I stumbled across.

Now that the kids have returned to their respective places of residence, I plan to completely redo the back bedroom into my own studio/office/sewing space.

After all a woman can dream can’t she?

As you can see I love white, vintage, and I love open storage.

Well, neat and tidy storage.

Well, styled and decorated storage.

Actually I love beautiful things, but some things must be stored out of sight. So how about in some of these?

Or perhaps proudly displayed like these……

~all images via pinterest~

What decorating, reorganizing or projects are you hoping to do in 2012? I would love to hear from you. Plenty of ideas running through my mind, what about you?

Happy New Year!



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