summer’s bounty

Nothing pleases more than harvesting our bounty from the garden.Tomatoes, zucchini, cukes, lettuces, carrots and beets. Well almost everything except…

Green beans.

Of all the summer garden chores I think I like picking green beans the least.

Maybe despise it.


Somehow the rows seem so far apart when planting, yet they manage to grow into one large green blob. I know, I know. We have been organic gardening for over 30 years but still manage to forget.

Gardening is after all an art of trial and error.

Let me fill you in on the task of picking beans. First and foremost it must be stated that they are masters of camouflage. When your are bent over with all the blood rushing to your head, the stalks and beans look the same. You have to literally manhandle the plant to search for the fruit, and you always miss some,


Those said for “hiders” turn into behemoths in about a day!


green beans

So now you are trying to pick the good, bad and gigantic, along with a little plant matter to boot.

Did I mention that the ant pile I stepped on wasn’t too happy that I was picking beans either.

Now, when the kids were still living at home I naturally passed this task off to them, and of course we still had to process “them” too.

On a recent visit from my daughter I offered up produce from the garden (on a u-pick condition of course) and she steered clear of the green beans!! We had a great laugh about it and how we used to use freezer bags and suck the air out with a straw! Not exactly the best method, but it got the job done, giving us a winters worth of beans.

Did I mention that my kids now hate (well hate may be kinda stong) green beans. Not the pale soggy ones that come in a can, but fresh ones that squeek on your teeth. Certainly these by Ina Garten look pretty good!

barefoot contessa

Fresh eggs… no thank you. Too many years cleaning poop off eggs, they want “store eggs”.

I hope they realize that this is “cool” now. Just walk through your local farmers market and check out those prices!!


Garden rant over.

I have checked out the prices of green beans at the market, and they are worth it.
After all, money doesn’t just grow on trees……or plants.
But if it did, you would still have to pick it!!

Count your blessings.
Cindy xo
Oh, and by the way, I bought a food sealer. No more straws.

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