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I will be the first to admit that I didn’t exactly, how do you say, “like” them for a very long time.

But, I am a person (though I don’t really like to admit this) who is influenced by media.

More specifically, design publications.


Now, I have always loved objects of nature. Bird nests, pine cones, driftwood, lichen covered rocks and twigs, and more recently sea shells and coral.

But antlers?

These have always represented big game hunting to me. And I am surrounded by big game hunting territory! People travel from all over the world for the opportunity to hunt elk, mule deer, moose, etc. in what seems like my backyard. I even know guys who go antler hunting in the spring to find sheds that the animals loose every year.



So naturally, the local decor is influenced by the region……

Lodge style.

Very lodge style.

I have been in some extremely beautiful high end log homes, and they are stunning….. ¬†however just not my personal style.

When I started seeing antlers in these type of settings, well then, I could get on board!


I do appreciate the natural rustic, faded and textural element that antlers add to a white interior.



Dear local wildlife,

Please feel free to walk by my yard any time and “drop” you antlers!


A newly appreciated fan.

So what do you have staring at you, where you live, that you can have a renewed appreciation for?

And pssst, don’t tell my brother in law, he may just faint!

Have a fabulous day!



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