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Hello friends!

We are deep into winter.

Snow. Ice. Cold temps.

I have learned to embrace winter, well in January anyways, March and April, not so much.

We started out the new year making a harrowing 350 mile drive on snow packed icy roads to meet our precious new granddaughter! Words truly cannot express the deep joy and thankfullness at the arrival of this new life, not to mention the blessing of witnessing my daughter embrace motherhood with such grace and beauty.

This new role for me is far richer than I ever could imagine…

I am smitten!!


Since my return home I have been sulking around feeling like 350 miles away is wayyyy to far!

To distract myself from this fact, and since the snow outside makes me think of, well white,

I thought I would share some pictures from around the house of my winter whites.

If you follow me on instagram these will seem very familar :)


winter white | antlers


winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey


winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

My orchid finally bloomed again! I can’t believe I haven’t killed it yet.

I have been switching to succulents lately…

winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

Well, we are packing up to head back over…

Can’t seem to get enough of our new little one!




p.s. you can find on instagram by the user name french_grey!!

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be my valentine


In honor of Valentine’s Day I thought I would share some lovely images gathered on pinterest.

Who wouldn’t love to spend the holiday here….


This is a heart pocket I made a few years ago and shared with you here,



Vintage French grave marker…


The key….







I have worked in a floral shop during Valentine’s day and after being surrounded with a riot of color, and mostly red, I prefer the calming shades of pastels.


In exchange for large and extravagant,

soft pink peonies in a French zinc pitcher (via Dreamy Whites) exudes simple style…




Hope this Valentine’s Day find you surrounded with loved ones.

“We love, because He first loved us” 1John 4:19



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white and wood

Hello friends,

Yes, it’s me.

I have been MIA in the blogging department, and I could offer you some long list of lame excuses….. but I won’t.

I have however been working my booth at the Montana Antique Mall, going on some wild buying trip adventures, purchased my first can of Annie Sloan Chalk paint ( the closest store is 200 miles away) and succumbing to my autumn nesting instincts! And….

I am embracing the fact that I have a lot of wood and some white in my home.

I love all white rooms, but my paint is linen white which is a little more yellow than I really want. On decision day I picked off-white windows instead of white and now I am stuck with them.

We have wonderful pine floors throughout the house (no carpet please) and lots of wood furniture. I am embracing the ‘old world’ feel and fighting down the urge to paint everything white or grey.

Well, mostly.

In a perfect world I would love my floors to look more like this…. with a washed finished.

I would like all my wood finishes to have that washed grey look, however mine are more like this cool wood industrial cart island..

Here are a few more images from pinterest that are helping me be content with what I have! Why fight what cannot be changed! Pinterest is for inspiration, not condemnation that our homes do not “measure up” to the perfectly decorated, perfectly styled and perfectly photographed!!

The warmth of wood can help things from looking kinda sterile, but still fits in with the tone on tone effect that I find so appealing!

I found one of these round French bread/cheese boards and I am afraid it may have triggered a collection, nay, an obsession with the French farmhouse look!!

Of course, white and wood would not be complete without linen.

Now I know very few people can actually go out and purchase everything they want to decorate their home all in one shot. Most of us have accumulated furniture and accessories over time, or make a few big purchases a year and pick up stuff here and there. And, if you love vintage style, what you can actually find will dictate what direction your overall “look” is headed.

Which brings me back to wood and white.

If you will excuse my “un-perfect” pictures ( I am having camera issues….but won’t bore you with the details!!) I will share some of my recent finds and changes.

The bread board and French style bottle rack.

And my cupboard did succumb to the paint brush this summer!!

Here’s the before….

I was actually taking a picture of some of my ironstone, but you can see the primitive cupboard in the background.

So…….as you can see, there is a wood and white theme going on, but like everybody else, I have a vision of what I would like to work towards. To me, the thrill of the hunt, the refining of style and taste is the fun part of the journey, and what makes feathering our “nest” so satisfying!!

Hope y’all enjoy your autumn and the changing of seasons as we head into the holidays and embrace your hearth and home!



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Hello Friends!

I know, it’s been a while since my last post.

Even though the kids are grown it is still nice to do a little “mothering” every chance I get! The last few weeks have been all about vending at shows, but this past weekend I was able to help my daughter and son in law move into their new home. This is what I do best! Packing, moving, unpacking and overall general “nesting”!

While pondering trends in the design industry, I was thinking about steel doors and windows, which got me thinking……

Can there be beauty in steel?

Bunny Williams.com

Once used in strictly industrial applications I have noticed a lot of steel lately in a variety of homes, in a broad range of styles.

It blends well with warm rustic woods, adds a nice contrast to elegant white kitchens and interiors and there is something about the great expanse of glass bringing the beauty of the outdoors in.

via Veranda


  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes…..

via Pinterest

Velvet and Linen

These steel doors add a unique touch to a more traditional setting.


 They add an industrial element to a simple modern dining space.



Of course they’re beautiful in their original setting…. a conservatory!



Would you use this architectural element in your home? I would in a heartbeat! They are stunning with a chandelier, and humble french preserve jars.

Cote Sud


I love this built in seat bringing attention to the windows and allowing sweeping views and sunshine to flood in this dining  space.


One trend I am particularly fond of is the use of steel  in the bathroom as shower doors.


And goes beyond the typical french door in this master bedroom.


The use of steel doors and windows in the home can be beautiful. I think there is a plethora of beauty around us in simple everyday objects, we can find design inspiration from non-typical sources and take comfort that we all have our own unique spin on our surroundings.

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on this trend!



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Four women

one SUV

one quick stop at a fantastic furniture warehouse sale (think Restoration Hardware)

a feast of a lunch at a funky hip cafe in Austin

someone reading a GPS navigation AWAY from our destination

and we finally made  it to the Country Living Fair!!

Yes, we finally arrived at our destination at, dare I say 4:00 in the afternoon! And guess what time it closed at?? 5:00!!  We had one hour….. ONE hour to run through! How could I possibly see everything much less purchase anything in such a short time frame? I could spend an hour in one booth, but the whole fair? Say it isn’t true!

I managed to speed shop, snap a few pictures and lets just say….. linger a little past closing time. Good thing they don’t slam the doors shut exactly on time! I had visions of “lock down” but thankfully people are willing to hang around and take your money!

These vintage style wooden letters were great and very popular.

There was also an abundance of vintage industrial. I loved the galvanized metal chimney cap I saw at this booth!

This booth was one of my favorites. She had some wonderful French garden urns and jardiniere’s, a collection of ironstone pitchers and French preserve jars.

I have read about stone fruit, but this was the first time I had actually seen and touched any! I am in love!

More industrial style.

French style textiles are still very popular.

Fortunately, I had the good notion to buy a weekend pass just in case we could make it back!! And we did!

Four women shopping together can add to the logistics confusion, but they certainly amp up the fun factor! We laughed hard, shopped furiously and let’s just say “A good time was had by all”!!

When can I go back? I’ll behave. I promise.



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With Mother’s Day approaching, what a perfect time to take out those special items that make a table beautiful!

And what a better way to celebrate Mom, than bringing out the things she loved.

Blue and white Staffordshire ironstone, always a classic, handed down from my Mom. She actually gathered it piece by piece from our local grocery store when I was child. When I see it in antiques stores I think “sheesh, it’s not that old…. and neither am I”!

A European grain sack for a table runner is one of my favorite things to use, giving the table a French farmhouse feel and adding a layer of texture.

Sterling flatware. I appreciate the fact my mother thought of future generations when she purchased this, even down to the detail that the maker is my maiden name. With so many inexpensive options these days, we have lost the art of creating  a heirloom to pass down to our children. The modern version of standing stones.

By mixing both high and low together, like the galvanized tin pots with the heirloom sterling silver, it achieves that “casual elegance” aesthetic I find so appealing. A melting pot of styles, so to speak.

Being an avid gardener, I like to bring the outdoors in whenever I can. This time of year local greenhouses are abundant with blooms, and by using bedding plants in arrangements you can plant them in your yard afterwards.

I love that!

The gathering of family objects, like a mother hen gathering her chicks, evokes a sense of security, warmth and happiness. It truly is the sentiment of the tangible that reminds me of the beauty of the person. She may not be here, but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate her, her life and my love for her.

What special items or traditions are you using to celebrate your Mother?

Happy Mother’s Day to every Mom out there!



Photography by Sherry Chidwick

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Hello everyone!

Just a quick post to pass along a giveaway…..again!

Carole from Maynard Greenhouse is giving away another issue of this wonderful magazine, Jeanne d’Arc Living.

Nordic-French in style, the photography and recipes are wonderful……

There are no ads, so it is really more like a book!

I just love the aesthetic of it, with whites and greys, and

‘rumor has it’

that it has gone to a monthly publication!

So, if you love free stuff like I do, head over to

Maynard Greenhouse

and have a happy Monday!


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