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Hello friends!

We are deep into winter.

Snow. Ice. Cold temps.

I have learned to embrace winter, well in January anyways, March and April, not so much.

We started out the new year making a harrowing 350 mile drive on snow packed icy roads to meet our precious new granddaughter! Words truly cannot express the deep joy and thankfullness at the arrival of this new life, not to mention the blessing of witnessing my daughter embrace motherhood with such grace and beauty.

This new role for me is far richer than I ever could imagine…

I am smitten!!


Since my return home I have been sulking around feeling like 350 miles away is wayyyy to far!

To distract myself from this fact, and since the snow outside makes me think of, well white,

I thought I would share some pictures from around the house of my winter whites.

If you follow me on instagram these will seem very familar :)


winter white | antlers


winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey


winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

My orchid finally bloomed again! I can’t believe I haven’t killed it yet.

I have been switching to succulents lately…

winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

Well, we are packing up to head back over…

Can’t seem to get enough of our new little one!




p.s. you can find on instagram by the user name french_grey!!

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Belgian linen.

Once you get those two words in your head it’s hard to think of anything else.

With my heart set on a Belgian linen silpcovered sofa nothing else would do.

Now, normally I am an implusive shopper.

And tactile.

I want to touch it, feel it and hold it up to my cheek.

You get the picture.

Nowhere in my little town offered such a Belgian beauty unless I ordered it. While doing some research I came across this article from remodelista .

Of course I wanted the sofa from Restoration Hardware, however I had budget contraints ( the building budget had robbed my furniture budget, and there is nothing worse than spending large$ on things you can’t see!!) So…

Saving and shopping for a sofa online.

Not my cup of tea, but remember it’s a Belgian linen slipcovered sofa.

I settled on the Ikea Karlstad sofa for it’s clean lines, size and let’s face it $399 price tag!

Next, I ordered swatches from Bemz, a company that makes slipcovers specifically for Ikea furniture.

They offered 5 swatches for free including shipping and arrived in a timely manner.


Now, remember I am an implusive shopper and it took for-evah for me to pull the trigger on purchasing the pair.

Both companies stated a 4 week timeline for delivery.

Uggghhh! 4weeks! I want.it.now.

So, just barely in time for Thanksgiving I clicked “submit order”!

The Ikea sofa came two weeks early (yay) and was quite simple to put together.


The slipcover arrived shortly after the 4 weeks but they kept me informed with email updates.

Thank you.


The slipcover I ordered was prewashed Belgian linen and it is a DREAM!!

Exactly like the swatch only better! I touched it and cuddled it to a tactiles delight!

There is no substitution for real linen. It has a look and feel like no other.

And it fit PERFECTLY!



It was hard to tell from the website exactly what it looked like on a real sofa.

They showed the Urban loosefit as a drawing, but I am thrilled to say it is beautiful on.

This is how it looked right out of the box and they reccomend that you spray it with lukewarm water to remove the wrinkles. The sides are the only place that needed it. I also love how it skims the floor, just right.




I decided to drape my French linen sheet over the back, at least until I get a console table.


I also threw another French linen sheet over the cushions to add an easier to wash option,

however this slipcover fit so well that I think it’s going to be easier than the last 2 surefit covers I’ve had.

These pillows will have to do until I find or make the perfect ones (I’m thinking vintage indigo??).



Linen slipcover dreams have been realized,

and I am glad I could be patient enough to get one at such a low price point!

Hope all of your Holidays were exciting, relaxing and reflective on the real meaning of Christmas!

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!



p.s. you can find me on instagram user name french_grey

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the pie safe

Hello Friends!!

As we progress on the building of our home, we have had a few set backs.

Mainly, hubby had to return to an actual paying job,  which has slowed down work here considerably! With winter baring down on us (temps reaching into the teens) and one week before the first snowfall, we moved out of the camper and into….

the almost finished daylight basement!

Now, anyone who has built or remodeled in the past knows,

you never



move. in. before. it’s. done.

Which brings me to my pie safe.

IMG_1692 picnik2

It’s pictured here in our previous home.

I purchased this piece over 20 years ago for a specific purpose.

To hold my dishes in a temporary kitchen. My husband balked at the $300 price, while I justified it. Instead of spending on something we would rip out never to use again, this piece has traveled with me and served me for many years!

Vintage pieces in the kitchen add a sense of history and patina that a new home lacks.


And I just like them :)

vintage by nina ~ kitchen storage

pie safe

Needless to say, the downstairs does not have a kitchen.

And we are still working on the kitchen….

So the “T” word was thrown around..

You know….


galvanized cart~cotedetexas

So my ‘ol trusty friend, the pie safe, has come full circle.

After being a homeschool center for planners, teachers manuals and books…

A design center for books, magazines and catalogs…

kitchen cart

white kitchen cupboard

wire doors

Back to holding the few dishes that were being housed in the camper.

white cart cupboard

I also placed linen behind the screen doors…

because like everybody else

I hate to dust too!!

curtain on doors

Although I am looking forward to my new kitchen and all my “stuff”..

pie safe lower

white with plate rack

Simply paring down to a few essentials really lets you know how much you can do without,

and I am extremely blessed.

I feel a serious purge is going to take place before I move anything  into the house.

Dear Pie Safe,

Thank you for being so practical and beautiful too!

You have served me well, and you continue to keep my life in order.

Yours truly,


all images via pinterest

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Hello friends!


The very word conjures up images of stress, chaos and exhaustion.

I have moved a few times in my lifetime, and hopefully learned some tricks along the way.

{ Some more random inspiration photos…just to make you ( and me) happy :) }

front door with windows

Lesson one:

Start early!

Unlike my mother, God rest her soul, I learned to not wait until the last minute. She disliked change to the point of, when we moved to Montana as a teenager, my father said “the truck is here….you better pack!”

Lesson two:



I don’t just mean label the box.

I have a key.

I number the box, and on a 3×5 card (wired together as a pad) I write everything that is in the box.

Sometimes I will include where it came from (upper cupboard, left of the stove) and pack as much as I can together. This comes in very handy when you are wondering….where is that bowl that was, you know, next to the stove over there in that cupboard. It is extremely important when everything you own is in storage.

And it is.

cozy nook

I had a date. I had a timeline. I had one storage unit for household and another for French Grey. I had boxes staged to go in last, You know….last in, first out. I had shelving units at the front for things I knew I would need, which leads me to…

Lesson three:

Throw out lessons 1&2 when, due to a technical error, I had to move out one week early!!

How does it go? Pride goes before a fall! Yes I had planned, packed and labeled, and sure enough the last day was..




Does that word even look right?


 I know there is at least one boxed packed with no identity. Within that box there are things I need, I just know it! I need them even more because I’m not sure what they are! Lets see……hmmm…I know it was on the kitchen table.

Which brings me to…

Lesson four:

Be ready for an adventure!

Because that is what I am in for!!

Did I mention that we had the hair brained idea to live in a RV while we built our house??

I didn’t??

We are not, I am sad to say, super camping people. Yes we went a few times as a family, and weathered the well, weather. We have tents and coleman stoves and all the usual paraphernalia  that goes along with camping. But when it comes right down to it, I like my bed. And showers. So here we are cramming 30 years of camping into one summer!


And I must admit, we couldn’t have picked a prettier camp site than our own property! (Which the above picture in NOT my fire pit!!)

You really get a sense of the lay of the land. Views you want to highlight, and some you want to hide.

Also, when I am not needed I am….


Uh, planning.

So, for all of you planning to go camping this 4th of July holiday,  I will be there right along with you!

Happy camping!


Ps. I have grain sack pillows in my camper:)

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It’s true.

I have a confession to make.

I have a woodstove.

It has been a love/hate relationship from day one.

It is quite possibly is the best heat source you could have if you live in a region with winter. However, it is a decorating/design nightmare!!

So imagine to my surprise finding images on pinterest of living rooms with a woodstove!

My number one issue with a wood stove is trying to decorate the mantle! You always see lovely vignettes atop a fireplace mantle but with a wood stove that big black pipe is hot to the touch and quite frankly, ugly, right smack in the middle of everything.

This one below is a nice compromise, still allowing a mantle to decorate.

This one is off to the side of the room and not the focal point….. which is a little better.

Although I like the texture and warmth (no pun intended) of firewood, this stack would be definitely regulated to the outside shed and not something I would stack in my living room!

Glass doors do allow the mesmerizing flicker of flames to radiate throughout the space.

And here is the pitiful display of my wood stove :( and I have tried to make the best of it. We originally planned to put in stove insert with an actual fireplace surround, however, when we went to pick it up the cost did not include doors (really????? we have to pay extra for doors??) not to mention several other “added” costs.

Also, on a sadder note, we had just received news that my brother-in-law had passed away while at the store, and we had to rush to the hospital.

So there it is….. at 10% of the cost this little stove came home with us that day, we had waaaaaay more important things to do and think about than how pleasing to the eye this would make the room look. And that’s the plain truth. Some things don’t really matter at all. We love people and use things, and not the other way around.

So, with Thanksgiving approaching, I am grateful for my family and all the good memories we have had, and will continue to have, around my humble hearth and home.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, and make His face shine upon you!

With sincere thanks,


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white and wood

Hello friends,

Yes, it’s me.

I have been MIA in the blogging department, and I could offer you some long list of lame excuses….. but I won’t.

I have however been working my booth at the Montana Antique Mall, going on some wild buying trip adventures, purchased my first can of Annie Sloan Chalk paint ( the closest store is 200 miles away) and succumbing to my autumn nesting instincts! And….

I am embracing the fact that I have a lot of wood and some white in my home.

I love all white rooms, but my paint is linen white which is a little more yellow than I really want. On decision day I picked off-white windows instead of white and now I am stuck with them.

We have wonderful pine floors throughout the house (no carpet please) and lots of wood furniture. I am embracing the ‘old world’ feel and fighting down the urge to paint everything white or grey.

Well, mostly.

In a perfect world I would love my floors to look more like this…. with a washed finished.

I would like all my wood finishes to have that washed grey look, however mine are more like this cool wood industrial cart island..

Here are a few more images from pinterest that are helping me be content with what I have! Why fight what cannot be changed! Pinterest is for inspiration, not condemnation that our homes do not “measure up” to the perfectly decorated, perfectly styled and perfectly photographed!!

The warmth of wood can help things from looking kinda sterile, but still fits in with the tone on tone effect that I find so appealing!

I found one of these round French bread/cheese boards and I am afraid it may have triggered a collection, nay, an obsession with the French farmhouse look!!

Of course, white and wood would not be complete without linen.

Now I know very few people can actually go out and purchase everything they want to decorate their home all in one shot. Most of us have accumulated furniture and accessories over time, or make a few big purchases a year and pick up stuff here and there. And, if you love vintage style, what you can actually find will dictate what direction your overall “look” is headed.

Which brings me back to wood and white.

If you will excuse my “un-perfect” pictures ( I am having camera issues….but won’t bore you with the details!!) I will share some of my recent finds and changes.

The bread board and French style bottle rack.

And my cupboard did succumb to the paint brush this summer!!

Here’s the before….

I was actually taking a picture of some of my ironstone, but you can see the primitive cupboard in the background.

So…….as you can see, there is a wood and white theme going on, but like everybody else, I have a vision of what I would like to work towards. To me, the thrill of the hunt, the refining of style and taste is the fun part of the journey, and what makes feathering our “nest” so satisfying!!

Hope y’all enjoy your autumn and the changing of seasons as we head into the holidays and embrace your hearth and home!



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the two shall become one

Hello Friends!

Well, a lot has been happening around here, but by far the most exciting thing has been getting ready for my son’s wedding!

And it is going to be at the beach!

This former beach bum has been living in the mountains a long time, and I am uber excited to not only be at the ocean, but to watch that “once in a lifetime” moment when a groom beams as his bride walks down the aisle!

Here are some inspirational photos to share in the excitement!

Have a great weekend, I know I will!!

Oh, and I now have a booth at the Montana Antique Mall!

More to follow, but for now, it’s family time!



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