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the best gift

When asked “what is the best gift you have ever received?” many thoughts went running through my head. Some could say diamonds are a girls best friend……

or maybe a remodel is something you’re hoping for

 French Country

perhaps a car covered in diamonds (REALLY??)

maybe more personally a trip back to my mother’s home~ Dublin, Ireland

       however, the best gift I have ever received is this……..

What is the best gift you have ever received?

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas


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Hello Everyone!

I am getting very excited for Christmas. I always love to decorate for Christmas, but it seems every year I have less sparkle and more natural elements.

But not this year. I am going all out!! Every piece of mercury glass, glass glitter garlands, white ironstone and the perfect tree. Let me tell you why.

All the kids will be home for Christmas this year!!

I am one happy mumsie.

Last year my daughter spent Christmas with her husband’s family (no one prepared me for SHARING my family, but we’ll leave that for another time).

My middle son was deployed to the middle east. Lets just say I was NOT happy about that little scenerio. So my poor youngest was left with a bah humbug for a mother.

I didn’t even put up a tree. The first time ever. Ever, ever. I mean never, ever, ever. This is someone who as a teen wrapped my own presents to put under the tree. My mother must have been having one of those bah humbug years too.

Needless to say this year I am going all out! I am even listening to Josh Groban Noel as I type this post.

Well, this post was supposed to be about a white Christmas, so I will add some photos of all my decorations when they are complete. Lets just say they will be white, glittery, sparkly and most of all spent with my family.

Hope you enjoy getting ready for Christmas and making it the best Christmas ever!!


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