winter whites + snow baby

Hello friends!

We are deep into winter.

Snow. Ice. Cold temps.

I have learned to embrace winter, well in January anyways, March and April, not so much.

We started out the new year making a harrowing 350 mile drive on snow packed icy roads to meet our precious new granddaughter! Words truly cannot express the deep joy and thankfullness at the arrival of this new life, not to mention the blessing of witnessing my daughter embrace motherhood with such grace and beauty.

This new role for me is far richer than I ever could imagine…

I am smitten!!


Since my return home I have been sulking around feeling like 350 miles away is wayyyy to far!

To distract myself from this fact, and since the snow outside makes me think of, well white,

I thought I would share some pictures from around the house of my winter whites.

If you follow me on instagram these will seem very familar :)


winter white | antlers


winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey


winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

My orchid finally bloomed again! I can’t believe I haven’t killed it yet.

I have been switching to succulents lately…

winter whites | french-grey

winter whites | french-grey

Well, we are packing up to head back over…

Can’t seem to get enough of our new little one!




p.s. you can find on instagram by the user name french_grey!!

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linen slipcovered sofa



Belgian linen.

Once you get those two words in your head it’s hard to think of anything else.

With my heart set on a Belgian linen silpcovered sofa nothing else would do.

Now, normally I am an implusive shopper.

And tactile.

I want to touch it, feel it and hold it up to my cheek.

You get the picture.

Nowhere in my little town offered such a Belgian beauty unless I ordered it. While doing some research I came across this article from remodelista .

Of course I wanted the sofa from Restoration Hardware, however I had budget contraints ( the building budget had robbed my furniture budget, and there is nothing worse than spending large$ on things you can’t see!!) So…

Saving and shopping for a sofa online.

Not my cup of tea, but remember it’s a Belgian linen slipcovered sofa.

I settled on the Ikea Karlstad sofa for it’s clean lines, size and let’s face it $399 price tag!

Next, I ordered swatches from Bemz, a company that makes slipcovers specifically for Ikea furniture.

They offered 5 swatches for free including shipping and arrived in a timely manner.


Now, remember I am an implusive shopper and it took for-evah for me to pull the trigger on purchasing the pair.

Both companies stated a 4 week timeline for delivery.

Uggghhh! 4weeks! I

So, just barely in time for Thanksgiving I clicked “submit order”!

The Ikea sofa came two weeks early (yay) and was quite simple to put together.


The slipcover arrived shortly after the 4 weeks but they kept me informed with email updates.

Thank you.


The slipcover I ordered was prewashed Belgian linen and it is a DREAM!!

Exactly like the swatch only better! I touched it and cuddled it to a tactiles delight!

There is no substitution for real linen. It has a look and feel like no other.

And it fit PERFECTLY!



It was hard to tell from the website exactly what it looked like on a real sofa.

They showed the Urban loosefit as a drawing, but I am thrilled to say it is beautiful on.

This is how it looked right out of the box and they reccomend that you spray it with lukewarm water to remove the wrinkles. The sides are the only place that needed it. I also love how it skims the floor, just right.




I decided to drape my French linen sheet over the back, at least until I get a console table.


I also threw another French linen sheet over the cushions to add an easier to wash option,

however this slipcover fit so well that I think it’s going to be easier than the last 2 surefit covers I’ve had.

These pillows will have to do until I find or make the perfect ones (I’m thinking vintage indigo??).



Linen slipcover dreams have been realized,

and I am glad I could be patient enough to get one at such a low price point!

Hope all of your Holidays were exciting, relaxing and reflective on the real meaning of Christmas!

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!



p.s. you can find me on instagram user name french_grey

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mixed greens + house dressing

Hello friends!

With Christmas almost here I thought I would share some Inspiration…

just in case you haven’t decorated yet…

mixed greens+house dressing

I know, it’s crazy!


And I love to decorate!



But it’s not too late!

This weekend I have high expectations to get some Christmas on!



Really anything green can be a part of Christmas.

















I did, however, add a glass glitter swag and a wreath from Costco to my booth at the #montanaantiquemall


And had a wonderful time making a wreath at a local floral studio :)


Remember on “It’s a Wonderful Life” how they are decorating on Christmas Eve?

There is still hope for me yet!

Merry Christmas



p.s. You can find me on instagram…


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cable knit + faux fur

Hello friends!

December is here and with it is winter…

and so are all things warm, cozy and furry!

Cable knit is not new,  but I love it when someone takes something thats been around for a long time and makes it new.

Gone are the images of old granny sitting in her rocker knitting the winter away!

Not that there is anything wrong with that, I happen to have a stack of knitted and crocheted blankets from my granny,


these are fresh, young and goregous!

Modern Wool has done a fantastic job making knited wares very hip and well, modern.

Cable knit doesn’t just come in sweaters anymore,

Throws, pillows, poufs and ottomans are wearing it.

free people





Often paired with faux fur this is a must have combination!

caable knit + faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

Faux furs are often draped on chairs adding an extra layer of coziness…

cable knit + faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

cable knit+ faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

cable knit + faux fur

The texture is amazing!

cable knit + faux fur

With Christmas season in full swing, be sure to add something knitted or furry on your gift giving list!

Most importantly, with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas…

take time to curl up with a hot cup of coffee, a warm and cozy blanket

and reflect on what Christmas is really about!



p.s. to catch up on things between posts you can always follow me on instagram

my user name is french_grey!

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5 tips for thanksgiving tablescapes


Hello friends.

Looking for some inspiration for your Thanksgiving table?

I am.

There are some key elememts to setting a great table.

1. Natural elements.

There needs to be something green or natural on the table, whether it is plant, flower or some organic object from nature.






2. Candlelight.

Nothing adds more ambiance than candles on the table.

Somehow everything feels more festive with candlelight dancing around the room.






3. Linen

Cloth napkins are a must, but linen takes it to the next level.





The idea of printing the menu and using it as a napkin ring is pure brillance


4. Special tableware.

Several years ago I found a set of Spode brown transferware plates with turkeys on them at TJMaxx.

I’m sure you remember seeing them.

I know it is seems silly to store plates for one day of the year, but to my family it means Thanksgiving.

So #4 is whatever is special to your family and the traditions you have created over the years.

Put it on the table.

It is a day of remembrance and thankfulness. I also use the silver I inheirited from my mother.

She is no longer with us but somehow when we use the silver we always think of her.





5. Thank you’s

Something you can write on to share the things you are thankful for.

Actually writing and sharing verbally with those you love is the greatest act of thankfulness you can do.

It can be as simple as a sheet of paper that everyone writes something down, or a thankful tree with thanks for leaves.

Whatever it is, taking the time in this fast paced, plugged in,

“stop the world I wanna get off” road race, looking back over the past year and counting your blessings

is the best way to spend this one day a year we call Thanksgiving.

President Lincoln thought so too.

Thanks Abe.



So start early gathering these 5 things to make your Thanksgiving table special.

It is worth the planning, time and effort to set a meaningful and memorable table for those you love!



all images via pinterest

You can find me on

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dark + dusky

Hello freinds.

With fall in full swing I tend to enjoy dark and dusky interiors, and since my house is mostly white I am enjoying via pinterest!

I don’t know about every one else, but I like a variety of styles. More specifically I like elements of styles.

So today I am crushing on these…


Black painted walls..




against rustic brick walls black accents add a layer of interest



Some gorgeous black linen…


Love the way the white linen pops in this dark interior.




black urns and chandy’s balance beautifully with weathered wood walls


Now, since I live in Montana where it feels like we have 7 months of winter…

or least the lack of sunshine of winter…

I could probably never paint a wall or even a whole room black, but I love the way it adds that dusky feel.

Maybe California? Florida? Texas?

So I suppose for now I will crush from afar, and pin a whole board black!

Thank goodness for pinterest :)

Blessings to you during this month thankfulness,


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natural elements~antlers

french grey:

Whether they are ‘sheds” big game animals drop every year or “fake” ones on the market today, you can still find this design element today!

Originally posted on :


I will be the first to admit that I didn’t exactly, how do you say, “like” them for a very long time.

But, I am a person (though I don’t really like to admit this) who is influenced by media.

More specifically, design publications.


Now, I have always loved objects of nature. Bird nests, pine cones, driftwood, lichen covered rocks and twigs, and more recently sea shells and coral.

But antlers?

These have always represented big game hunting to me. And I am surrounded by big game hunting territory! People travel from all over the world for the opportunity to hunt elk, mule deer, moose, etc. in what seems like my backyard. I even know guys who go antler hunting in the spring to find sheds that the animals loose every year.



So naturally, the local decor is influenced by the region……

Lodge style.

Very lodge…

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